Stop Using Whatsapp If You Care About Your Privacy

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WhatsApp isn’t safe: Being the biggest social messaging apps, WhatsApp has caught the eye of the miscreants and spam threats have begun to rear their ugly heads.

Backup messages are not encrypted: WhatsApp has made loud noises about end-to-end encryption that ensures that only you and the person you’re communicating with can read what’s sent. However, that encryption does not work if the data is stored as a backup on Google Drive. WhatsApp had recently signed a pact with Google to allow its users to store messages on the search giants’ cloud storage offering.

Hacker can alter photos and videos: A security flaw in WhatsApp has come to light that allows potential hackers to alter the image, audio or video files. The vulnerability stemmed from how media files are stored in WhatsApp.

If you care enough about your privacy to delete Facebook (or even change the way you use the social network) you may want to ditch WhatsApp as well. If you need a new, more secure messaging app try Signal or even iMessage for communicating between Apple devices.

If you believe WhatsApp can’t be hacked you lie, because it has happened to me, my friends, relatives, and destroy a lot of relationship.

Lalasticlala, kindly move to frontpage to educate Nairalanders.

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