What A Wicked World!! 12-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth, Raped By Pastor, Herbalist, Neighbor (Pix)

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This is a pathetic story of a 12-year-old girl that has passed through a lot, she is now a mother. She welcomed a baby girl in Edo after being sexually abused.

The CEO of Behind Bar Initiative (BBI) Harrison Gwamnishu has been on the case of the girl. According to him:

“She’s 12 years old
A Pastor deflowered her
A Traditional Chief abused her sexually
A 40-year-old neighbor raped and impregnated her.
NOW….. At month 7, she delivered through CS.
Her poor mother in the mortuary.”

They went to provision store and bought things for her and the baby and visited her at the hospital.

Mr Gwamnishu said:

“We are with 12-year old child turned mother in Irrua, Edo State.

We provided some beverages to MOTHER and CHILD and will be taking care of HOSPITAL BILLS. (She delivered through CS).

The following will be in custody;
1. Pastor
2. Herbalist
3. 40-year old Neighbor”

‘The three perpetrators were arrested before BUT were RELEASED by #POLICE and NAPTIP. This we must investigate.”

“We will travel back to do what we know how to do best by making sure victim and child get all the support.”

He however commended the hospital management for their effort in saving the 12-year-old Child-mother and her baby girl.


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