15 Tips On How To Stop Thinking About Someone Who Breaks Your Heart

It can be very demoralizing when someone you love breaks up with you. There’s no way you will forget such a person in a hurry, especially if the break up wasn’t your fault. In this article, you will learn how to stop thinking about someone who breaks your heart.

Let me tell you the truth…

It’s difficult to stop thinking about someone you shared some cool romantic moments with. Also, it breaks the heart when you try to force yourself to forget someone. Trying to forget about someone is a cycle that’s often difficult to break.

Sometimes the more you try to stop thinking about the person who betrays your love, the more you think about them. Yeah, it’s that frustrating.

Many people ended up in depression just because they can’t stop thinking about their Ex. Some even end up committing suicide, thinking their life is worthless without the same person who breaks their hearts.

The good thing is, you can forget about anybody if you make up your mind to do it. That’s why we are here to guide you on how to stop thinking about someone you want to forget.

In the next, I’m going to share with you some useful tips that will help you forget about someone quickly.

If you are currently thinking about someone, I know how demoralizing and frustrating it can be. I have been there before, and it almost ruined me. And I don’t want it to destroy you.

Always remember that anybody who betrays your trust and love doesn’t deserve you. Do you know why? It’s because you are the best of your kind.

How to Stop Thinking About Someone Who Breaks Your Heart

Before I start sharing the tips, let me tell you a terrible heartbreak story about my friend. Her name is Rita. She had a boyfriend whom she loved so much. Unfortunately, the boy was only using her because he had someone he wanted to marry.

They dated for over three years. Rita was already living in the fantasy that Jordan (her boyfriend) is her future husband. She always had a mental image of how their marriage life will be like. In fact, she has planned her life around Jordan as she believed he is Mr. Perfect.

Sometimes, Rita and Jordan would sit together, brainstorming on possible names for their children. Yes, they were that crazy about each. Sadly, all the love Jordan professed for Rita was fake. He never truly loved her, and all the promises were false.

Heartbreakingly, Jordan had a serious girlfriend somewhere, and Rita was just a side chick. But Rita didn’t know on time. It was a few days to Jordan’s wedding that she knew.

She was devastated and broken and became a shadow of herself. She even attempted suicide on several occasions. Luckily, people were always there to save the situation.

However, she survived after a while and moved on. She’s happily married now with kids. If Rita can stop thinking about Jordan and move on, why can’t you? Without much ado, here are the tips on how to stop thinking about someone.

#1. Decide To Forget About The Person

Our first tip on how to stop thinking about someone is to forget about that person. It’s more complicated than it sounds. But if you make up your mind, you can achieve it.

How do you forget about the person? Assume he or she never exist in your life. Tell yourself the truth that it’s over between you guys, and you want to move on with your life.

It’s natural for some part of you to still long for that person. So, remind yourself that the person is in the past, it’s time to create a future without them.

#2. Officially Notify The Person That It’s Over

This is an area most people make mistakes. If you want to stop thinking about someone, start by ending things with them.

Whatever relationship you have with such a person should be ended. Do you know why? If you fail to end things officially, they will always come back and beg. Don’t forget that your ex-lover whom you dated for a while know your weak point.

But if you end things up with them, you can feel bad for a while. After this, you redirect your energy into something more creative. Inside of burying yourself in thoughts, you can look for something else to preoccupy your mind.

#3. Don’t Try To Forget Them At Once

As I mentioned earlier, forgetting someone doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a process. And if you try to ignore the person overnight, it could be counterproductive.

It’s still okay to miss the person. If possible, think about the good old days you had with them. But this shouldn’t last for more than a few days. Otherwise, depression may be inevitable.

After the first few days of missing him or her, move on with your life. Always remember that before you met that person, you were doing excellently. And you and going to do even more after you leave.

Again, don’t forget that they are countless people out there who are better than the person who breaks your heart. With these thoughts, you can move on quickly.

#4. Divert Your Thought to Something or Someone Else

I think this is one of the best tips on how to stop thinking about someone, instead of wasting your time thinking about someone who betrayed your love. You could actually divert such thoughts to someone else. It could be a childhood friend or someone who has been there for you.

What I usually do is to think of the beautiful people around who are always there for me. It could be my mom, siblings, friends, or colleagues. Once you divert your thoughts to these people, you can forget about the ungrateful fellow who breaks your heart quickly.

#5. Avoid Having Contact With Them By All Means

The easiest way to forget about someone is when you stop contacting them. If you are trying to erase someone from your memory, resist every urge to contact that person.

It doesn’t matter if it’s through phone calls, text messages, or meeting them one on one. If you can do this, you will forget that person faster than you can imagine. But if you keep bumping into them, the possibility of forgetting about that person is slim.

#6. Don’t Blame Yourself For What Happen

It’s normal for you to feel guilty about what happened. I know you think that if you were more diplomatic, the person wouldn’t have left. But the truth is, whoever will go will always leave.

It doesn’t matter how nice you are to them; they will always cheat or betray your truth in the slightest opportunity. So, instead of demoralizing your spirit with guilt, why don’t you cheer up. Or don’t you know that it takes two to tangle? If your partner can’t fight for the relationship, why blaming yourself.

If you keep blaming yourself, you will end up getting depressed. And you know what that means? You will have low self-esteem.

Again, if you are already blaming yourself too much about the entire breakup, engage in things that will make you happy. You can decide to see an exciting movie or stream funny videos online.

#7. Dwell More On Their Negative Traits

Remember the last time you saw caught pants down cheating on you? What about the lies he told you about his job? Or have you forgotten that he’s lazy and only good at beating people?

Well, a great tip on how to stop thinking about someone is to dwell more on such a person’s negative traits. Was he a chronic womanizer? Pathetic liar, or an aggressive young man?

If you can refocus your thoughts along with the person’s negative trait, you will dislike everything about him. The thoughts of such a person will irritate you.

Remember, anybody who breaks your heart will always want to come back for amends. He or she will ask for a second chance. And time like this, you may be confused and want to fall in love with them again. Just ruminate on their flaws, and you will be able to forget them once and for all.

#8. If Possible Stay Offline For A While

I mentioned earlier that you should avoid any form of contact with the person. Online platforms are not exempted. Try to block or unfollow them across different social media platforms. Otherwise, seeing their activities online will make the whole scenario worst.

Don’t forget that keeping the distance is vital when trying to forget someone.

#9. Change Environment For A While If Possible

Getting out of town is another useful tip on how to stop thinking about someone. When you change the environment, you can take a break from everything, including the person you are trying to forget.

If you are still in the same location, there is the possibility of you seeing things that always remind you of such a person. But a different environment will give you a better perspective. You could make new friends and preoccupy your mind with other essential issues.

#10. Keep Yourself Busy

In the words of George Carlin, “never allow the brain Idle for an Idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” Indeed, you must have heard of those words somewhere.

Staying idle is a big mistake when you are trying to stop thinking about someone. No matter how much you try, in as far you are idle, your thoughts will always find their way to the person you are trying to forget.

But if you are busy, the chances of you thinking about that person is very slim. For this reason, try to keep yourself busy. Playing games and reading exciting novels could help.

#11. Spend More Time With Your Friends

Spending time with your friend helps a lot when your heart bleeds from heartbreak. And if your friends aren’t as boring as mine, you could stop thinking about the person who betrays your love quickly.

I’m sure you have some of those crazy friends on your list. I mean those people who will make you smile even if you are in the worst state of mind. Well, it’s time to activate them because they will be instrumental in helping you forget someone easily.

#12. Avoid Romantic Movies If You Can

Watching movies like The Notebook, Titanic, Romeo, and Juliet, etc. is a bad idea when you are trying to forget someone. These movies will activate their thoughts on your mind. You will unconsciously be thinking about the right time you have spent with them. And we both know it is not a good omen.

#13. Tell Yourself That They Have Moved On

Another good tip on how to stop thinking about someone is to tell yourself that they have moved on. Remind yourself that it’s a reality, the person is never coming back. It’s time to move on and do something good with yourself. If these thoughts keep coming to your mind, you are on the verge of forgetting that person.

#14. Never Talk About The Person While With Your Friends

The more you talk about someone you are trying to forget, the more you think about them. Even if your friends try to come up with the conversation, always avoid it. You may find it difficult to resist the urge of not talking about the person who breaks your heart, but avoiding the topic is a better option.

#15. Pretend to be Having Fun, Even though you are not

I’m sure you don’t want to give them the impression that you can’t live without them. Just pretend to be having fun with your friends and family. Go to beautiful places and force happiness out of you. Over time, you will eventually forget about everything and move on.

Like I mentioned earlier, forgetting someone doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. But if you follow our tips here, you will learn how to stop thinking about someone who breaks your heart.

Nobody is worth killing yourself over. When someone leaves you, another one will always come. That’s the beauty of relationships. And before you do anything drastic because someone breaks your heart. Always remember that nothing truly lasts forever. Even the best love stories we have heard never lasted forever.

So, snap out of that mood and cheer up. Do you know why? It’s because naijalovetips genuinely care.

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