Travelwaka Visit To The First Primary School In Nigeria (Photos)

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Education is the building block to every successful society. So we decided to follow through on the history of formal education in Nigeria. Sit back relax, grab a cup of your favourite drink as we take you through how education began in Nigeria.
The first primary school in Nigeria is located in the town of Badagry, Lagos Nigeria. Badagry used to be a major commerce and slave hub in the 19th century. majority of the slaves in west Africa went through Badagry Point of No return.
During the colonial rude , which led to the introduction of Christianity in Nigeria which also led to the building of the first storey building in Nigeria where the yoruba bible was translated. Before then, the Colonial government have difficulties communicating with the locals which led to the building of the first primary school in Nigeria which was done through the Christian Missionary Society (CMS) 1843 and it’s still standing till date.Badagry holds a lot of history in Nigeria and this is also one of it.
1. First primary school
2. The Entrance of the chool
3. First school in Nigeria
4. The schools New name 


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