191 YouTube Video Ideas for Your Inspiration [2020]

Out of inspiration for new youtube videos? Or looking for ideas for your very first youtube video? Use our extensive list of YouTube video ideas as inspiration for creating new videos!

First Video Ideas

First video idea

Having a hard time coming up with ideas for your first youtube video? Here are some ideas to get you started!

If this is your first video on youtube you should start with making an introduction video!

Tell your (potential) viewers a little bit about yourself. Who you are, what type of videos your are going to make and what you hope to achieve with your new youtube channel.

2. Draw my life

Do a draw my life youtube video where you tell your life story and illustrate it with drawings.

Don’t worry about your drawing skills. Have fun and use it as a fun and interactive way to tell viewers about yourself.

3. Future Channel Plans

What can people expect from your channel? What type of videos will you make? how often are you planning on uploading new videos to youtube?

4. Overcoming a Personal Struggle or Fear

We’ve all had to overcome struggles or fears in our life and telling people about this is a great way for them to connect with you.

What fear or struggle have you personally dealt with and how did you overcome it? Or are you still struggling with it?

5. Why Are You on YouTube? Why Do You Make YouTube Videos?

Telling people about your motivation for starting on youtube helps people learn more about you and your youtube channel at the same time.

Do you want to educate or inspire? or do you just want a creative outlet?

Your Channel

A little bit meta but there are quite a few youtube video ideas around your own youtube channel.

6. Channel Trailer

If you don’t already have a channel trailer so new subscribers can learn about your channel, now might be the perfect time to make one.

Your channel trailer is a video that automatically starts playing when someone visits your channel. Having an interesting intro video can help you get more subscribers on youtube.

7. Tell Why and How you started on YouTube

If you have been on youtube for a while, talk about why you started uploading videos to youtube and your experience since starting.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to do the same?

8. Remake an old youtube video

If you have been creating youtube videos for a few months or years than you have probably gotten a lot better at it with practice.

Use your skills and experience to bring old youtube videos up to your new quality standard.

9. Shoutout video

Make a shoutout video to put someone in the spotlight! This can be someone who supported you, your favorite youtuber or one of your most supportive subscribers.

10. Collaboration video

Make a collaboration video with another YouTuber. If you don’t know what to do, do a YouTube challenge or pick something from this page.

Collaboration videos also help your channel grow since you promote each other to your audience.

11. Behind the Scenes

Most people believe that being a YouTuber is very easy and does not take a lot of work. Create a video to show your viewers everything that goes into making youtube videos. Writing a script, recording, editing, publishing etc.

12. Show How You Edit Your Videos / Video Process

What is your process from going from raw video clips to uploading a polished video on youtube? take your subscribers along for the journey!

13. Celebrate Your Channel Anniversary

If you have been on youtube for a long time you can celebrate your “youtube anniversary”. You can make a video after X months/years on youtube and talk about your experience during this time on youtube.

If you are unsure when you started on youtube you can look at the date of your first youtube video or check the information tab on your channel to see when you created your channel.

If that date is not close, put a reminder for it in your calendar!

Hopefully in the time you have been creating youtube videos, some people have found and enjoyed your videos and have subscribed.

If you reach a milestone like 100, 500 or more, create a youtube video thanking your subscribers and talk about the past and future of your channel.

15. Giveaway

Give away some products you don’t use anymore to your viewers or work together with a company to create a giveaway.

These videos usually get a lot of likes, comments and shares and will help your YouTube channel grow.

16. Host a Contest

You can combine this with a giveaway or just host a contest where you challenge your subscribers to do something.

Personal Videos

personal video ideas

Youtube channels are also often personal channels so here are some ideas to help your viewers get to know you better.

17. My bucket list video

Do you have a list of things you want to do in life before you die? Talking about your bucket list is an easy and interesting topic for a youtube video.

Create a youtube video about your bucket list and talk about everything that’s on the list and why you want to do that in your life!

18. Goals video

Your bucket list are things you want to do during your life but goals are usually more short-term.

Share your current goals like graduating, moving across the country, learning to play an instrument or learning another language.

Everyone has some funny stories or weird facts about themselves. Tell your viewers about that time you locked yourself out of the house or the fact that you are scared of clowns.

If you can’t think of any funny stories about yourself you can ask your parents, siblings, friends or other family. They can probably give you a lot of new video ideas for your youtube channel.

20. Q&A

Viewers will also ask questions in the comments of your videos or on social media. Make a list of the most common or most interesting questions and dedicate a video towards answering your viewers’ questions.

21. Answer Frequently Asked Questions

If you have been on youtube for a long time there is a good chance the same questions keep coming back over and over.

Dedicate a separate youtube video to answering all these questions so you can always point people to this video when they ask the same question.

22. Vlogs

If you are not a daily vlogger but only publish youtube videos occasionally your viewers are probably curious about your daily life and what you do outside of YouTube.

Do a vlog where you show a bit more about your daily life. Here are 51 vlog ideas to help you get started.

23. 10 Things I Do When I Am Bored

What do you do when you are bored? Play board games? Make a list of all the things you do when you are bored and make a youtube video about that.

It might help your viewers find things to do when they are bored. And creating a youtube video about it will help you not be bored either!

24. Your Idol

Create a youtube video about your idol or someone you admire and why you admire or look up to this person.

Share a charity that’s important to you with your subscribers to create more awareness.

Talk about how they are making the world a better place and why this cause is so important.

26. Outdoors Trip

If you go on an outdoors trip to hike or camp somewhere, create a youtube video to document your adventure!

27. Face a Fear and Film It

If you have a big fear you can create a youtube video where you face this fear. It can make for an inspirational video or just a really funny one.

28. Show a Skill or Talent

If you have a cool or unique skill or talent, make a youtube video to show it off!

29. Collection Video

If you enjoy collecting something like sneakers, watches or even fridge magnets, show off your entire collection in a video.

Everyone loves a good story so tell a funny, scary or embarrassing story about yourself.

30. A Lie You Told

Did you ever tell a lie to get out of a bad thing you did or to not hurt someone’s feelings? What happened?

Did you ever steal something? What did you steal and why? Did you get caught?

Did you ever do something bad and got punished for it? What did you do?

33. The Best or Worst Gift You Ever Received

What was the best gift that you ever received and what was the worst one?

34. Your Most Embarrassing Moment

Everyone has their own moment where they totally embarrassed themselves, what is your most embarrassing moment?

35. Your Pet

If you have a pet you probably have lots of stories you can share. How did you get it and why? What does your pet do that you like or dislike?

36. A Crazy Travel Story

There is always enough things to experience while traveling. What is the craziest or weirdest thing that happened to you while traveling?

37. Something You Did with Your Friend or Sibling

Do you have a good story of something that you did with one of your friends or siblings? What happened?

If you have a hobby you are passionate about you can share some stories about it with your viewers. How did you get started with this hobby?

39. Your Biggest Accomplishment

What is your biggest accomplishment in life so far? Graduating high school or getting into a good college? Getting your dream job? Traveling the world?

40. Your Biggest Failure

Tell about your biggest failure! Did you fail an important exam? Missed an important goal in sports?

41. Your Favorite Childhood Memory

We all have good memories from our childhood, tell your viewers about yours!

Do you have a bad love story? Maybe your partner cheated on you or you had a bad breakup with your ex?

43. A Good Love Story

Did your partner have a romantic surprise for you? Did he or she do something really nice for your birthday or anniversary?

44. Something New You Tried

Tell the story of when you tried something new and your experience. It can be a sport, a hobby or food you never tried before.

45. How You Made or Lost a Friend

Tell the story of how you started or ended a friendship.

Friends & Family


Involving friends and family in your videos is a good way to make them more entertaining and it’s also easier than making youtube videos by yourself.

46. Sibling Tag

Make a list of 10 questions about your sibling(s) and answer them on video with your sibling(s). Or if you don’t have any siblings you can also answer these questions with friends.

  • who is older?
  • what do you like/dislike about your sibling?
  • What is their biggest dream or nightmare?
  • If you had to describe your sibling in one word, what word would that be?

Make a list of funny questions about facts, stories or memories and answer them alone or with someone else for a tag video.

If your friends and family sometimes appear in your videos but you never introduced them to your subscribers, this can make a great youtube video.

49. How You Met your Friends

Talk with a friend about how you met. Where did you meet each other and what was your initial impression?

50. Quiz

Create a quiz that you can play with a friend or family member. You can ask each other personal questions to see how well you know each other.

51. Do a Challenge

Youtube challenges are very popular and they are even more fun if you do them with a friend or family member.

Best and Worst

We all have things we like, love and hate. What are you favorite books and movies? Which ones did you really dislike?

52. Best X

Create a best product or a top 5 list of a topic that’s related to your YouTube channel. Your favorite camera, protein powder brand, shoes, makeup brush, game etc.

Create a youtube video about what you like about something or someone. Could be your car, your apartment, the sport you play, friends or family etc.

Instead of making a video about things you like about something or someone. Do the opposite and make a youtube video about what annoys you about something.

Maybe you don’t like your current apartment because of noise neighbors, because it’s too small or because it’s in a bad area.

55. Favorite Book

What is your favorite book and why? why should someone else read this book too?

56. Favorite Songs, Album or Artist

Create a youtube video about your current favorite songs, your favorite songs for in the car or your favorite songs for working out.

You can also talk about your favorite artist or album.

57. Best movies

What are the favorite movies you recently watched? What are your all time favorites?

58. Favorite TV shows

What are your current or all time favorite TV shows? The TV shows where you couldn’t stop yourself from watching an entire season in one day.

Non-fiction tv shows like games and quizzes can make for great youtube video ideas.

59. Favorite YouTube videos or YouTubers

If you create YouTube videos you probably also watch other YouTubers’ videos. Share your favorite videos with your subscribers or any other YouTubers you are a fan of.

60. Favorite Game

What is your favorite game? Was it Pokemon when you were a child or do you like Fortnite?

You can also include board games or card games.

61. Favorite Travel Destination

What is the best place you ever traveled to and what do you like about it that makes it your favorite?

62. Favorite App or Website

Is there an app or website you use all the time? Which one is it and why is that your favorite?


Gaming videos are really popular on YouTube and there are plenty of video ideas for gamers!

63. Gameplay

Record yourself playing a game. If you don’t have any games installed or don’t own a game console you can also play simple games you can find online.

64. Walkthrough Video

Instead of recording some gameplay you can also record an entire walkthrough of a part or an entire video game. It might help someone who is stuck if you can show them how to complete the game.

65. Speedrun Video

A speedrun is similar to a walkthrough only are you trying to complete the game as fast as possible. Show your viewers how fast you are at completing your favorite game.

66. Review a Game

Share your thoughts on a game that you have recently bought. What did you like about it, what didn’t you like about it and would you recommend someone else buy it?

67. Explore a Game In-depth

Most people try to complete a game as quickly as possible but what can you find when you take your time and explore the game more in-depth?

68. Try an Indie Game

Most popular games are made by big game studios but there are plenty of games made by indie developers who build games for fun.

These games can be really fun and interesting because the developer usually has more creative freedom. Play some indie games and you might stumble upon a hidden gem. Minecraft was once one of these undiscovered indie games.

69. Make a Tutorial

Know how to complete a difficult section of a game or do something interesting? Create a video tutorial to teach others how to do this.

70. Make an In-game Comedy Skit

You can make in-game comedy skits in some games. One of the most popular examples of this type of video is Red vs. Blue. A series that has won multiple awards and is distributed on Netflix and on DVD and blu-ray.

71. Make a Mod Showcase Video

If you are a PC gamers that has build his own PC you might have done some cool case mods to your PC. Show off your unique modifications!

72. Show Your Computer And Graphic Settings With Gameplay

Most PC gamers enjoy building their own PC and trying to use the highest graphic settings. Show off your PC specs and what settings you can run on your favorite game.

73. Make a Reaction Video (like PewDiePie)

One of the most popular youtubers in the world popularized reaction videos while playing or watching games, create a reaction video just like PewDiePie.

You can also do live commentary while playing through a game.

75. Make a Montage

Combine all the highlights of your gameplay into a montage and show off your skills.

76. Discuss News or New Releases

There is always plenty of news in the gaming world, new games, updates to existing games or the latest hardware rumors.

Share your thoughts when you find an interesting topic to talk about.

77. Play an Old Game on an Emulator

You don’t always have to play the latest games. Fire up an emulator and play your favorite games from the good old days!

78. Play a Game With Another Youtuber

Collaborate with another youtuber that plays the same game and play a game together.

79. Reveal an Easter Egg

Know about a funny or interesting easter egg in a game? Show off the easter egg and how you discovered it!

This video idea does not need much explaining, show off your entire gaming setup!

81. Discuss Gaming Rumors

There are always plenty of rumors going around in the gaming world, share your thoughts on the latest rumors. Do you think they are true or not?

Fashion & Beauty

If you have a YouTube channel that’s dedicated to beauty or fashion we also have some video ideas for you!

82. Hair Tutorial

Create a tutorial on how you do your hair.

83. Makeup Tutorial

Create a youtube video about how you do your daily makeup or your look for special occasions.

84. Shopping Haul

Show everything you bought in your latest shopping haul.

85. What’s in your closet?

Show what clothes you currently have in your closet.

86. Summer Clothes

Show your favorite summer clothing you currently own.

87. Winter Clothes

Show your favorite winter clothing you currently own.

88. What Is in Your Bag?

Show your viewers what’s in your handbag.

89. What You Wore This Week

This is similar to outfit of the day which is popular on Instagram. Record a short clip each day talking about your outfit and upload a compilation of these clips on Sunday afternoon.

90. Name Your Favorite Products

Talk about your favorite beauty products. Your favorite eyeliner, curling iron or face care products.

91. Provide Styling Advice

Share some tips and tricks with your viewers on how they can improve their style!

Talk about the current fashion trends and what your viewers need to know to keep up with current fashion trends.

93. Show Trendy Outfits for Certain Occasions

Show off your favorite outfits for a lazy Sunday, a fancy dinner or a Saturday night party at the club.

94. Show Your Beauty Routine for Skincare

What is your routine for taking care of your skin? What products do you use?

95. Show Your Product Organization

Having a lot of make-up and other beauty products can be a bit overwhelming, how do you stay on top of it and make sure you can easily find the right product?

Tech & Gadgets

If you want to make some videos about tech products and gadgets, here are some youtube video ideas.

96. Setup Video

Show your viewers what equipment you use for creating your videos. What equipment did you start out with and why did you buy the equipment you currently own?

This will make an interesting youtube video for all your viewers that might want to start their own YouTube channel.

97. What Is on My Phone

Create a youtube video showing all the apps you have on your phone and which one you use the most.

98. Unboxing

If you recently bought something new, why not make a youtube video unboxing your new product(s)?

99. Review Your Phone, Laptop, Tablet or Other Gadgets

Review your phone, tablet, laptop or one of the other gadgets that you own. What do you like and dislike about it? Would you recommend it to someone else?

100. Explain Tech Concepts

If you are technical you can explain some more complex tech concepts to people who are less technical.

Maybe you know how a server works or how to upgrade the RAM of a gaming PC and are able to explain it to your viewers.

101. Show Your Favorite Apps and Programs

Show off you favorite apps and programs that you use a lot. Why do you like these apps or programs better than their alternatives.

If you build your own computer you can talk about the process of how you picked the parts and build the computer and if it lives up to your expectations.

You can also talk about your dream build, if money were no issue, what PC would you build?

What is your favorite gadget right now? Is it a smart lightbulb or did you recently buy another cool gadget?

104. Discuss Tech Rumors

No industry moves as fast as tech. This means there are always plenty of rumors going around that you can discuss.

105. Show off Your Tech Equipment for Youtube

What tech are you using to shoot, edit and publish your youtube videos?

106. Show How You Use an App or Program

If you have a lot of experience using a certain app or program you can probably teach your viewers a thing or two about it!

Health & Fitness

Fitness videos

If you like to keep fit, here are some videos ideas around health and fitness.

107. Sports/workout video

If you play any sports you can create a youtube video about your training routine. If you go to the gym regularly show your viewers what exercises you do and how many sets and repetitions.

108. What I Eat in a Day

What do you eat on a regular day to help you stay fit and healthy? Share it with your subscribers.

109. Tips for Losing Weight or Gaining Muscle

If you have lost some weight or were able to put on some muscle, share some tips with your viewers as to how you’ve accomplished this!

110. Show Your Yoga Routine

If you enjoy yoga you can share your current yoga routine with your viewers.

111. Show Your Stretching Routine

Show off your current stretching routine that you do to stay flexible!

112. Post a Motivation Video

Motivation plays a big role in achieving your fitness goals so try to help your viewers reach theirs by motivating them.

113. Post Your Transformation Video

If you have lost a significant amount of weight or gained a lot of muscle. Share your transformation with your viewers to inspire them and share your advice.

114. Suggest Food or Recipes

If you know of any healthy foods and recipes that are helping you stay fit and healthy you can make a youtube video about these foods.

115. Show How to Do an Exercise

When people are new to an exercise they are often not sure of the proper form, if you are more experienced you can teach this to your viewers.

Informational videos

Youtube is a great way to share information and learn new things. Share your knowledge with the world!

116. Tips or Tricks For…

If you know of any tips or tricks for traveling, sports, cooking or anything else. Share these tips and tricks with your audience so they can use these as well.

117. Information Video

If you know a lot about a certain topic, share it with your audience so they can learn more about it too!

118. Tutorials

If you are knowledgeable about a certain topic, share it with your audience! Create a youtube video about how you do your hair, how you create a website or any other area you are knowledgeable in.

119. Video Quiz

Create a cool video quiz for your subscribers and ask your viewers to comment their answers in the YouTube comments. You can also combine this with a giveaway and give a prize to the subscriber with the right answers.

Most people are not comfortable talking about their own finances and it’s often not taught in schools. If you are good at budgeting you could share some tips with your viewers.

121. Give Someone Tips for College, Work or a Hobby

If you have experience with college, work or a certain hobby. Share some tips with viewers who might be less experienced and could find these tips useful.

122. Make a Science Video

If you know of a cool science experiment or an interesting science effect you can make a youtube video about this.

123. Teach Another Language

Teach the most common phrases of your language to your viewers if you’re a non-native English speaker.

124. DIY Video

If you are a DIY person you can make a youtube video showing your latest project or create a tutorial video so others can follow along.

125. Teach an Important Life Skill

There are plenty of important life skills that most people are never taught, teach your viewers these important skills like how to change a flat tire of a car.

Creative Videos

Unleash your creativity with some of these creative video ideas for your youtube channel.

126. Artsy Videos

If you can draw, paint or craft something. Create a video about it!

Record a cool time-lapse of the sun rising or setting, traffic passing by, the sky or something else with a lot of movement.

128. Video contest

Ask your subscribers to create a youtube video on a certain topic and make it a contest. The best subscriber submitted video wins.

129. Highlight Compilation

Create a compilation of all the highlights of your youtube videos.

130. Video Edit

If you are good at video editing you can create a video where the main focus is the editing

131. Show Off Drone Footage

Drones are able to capture amazing video footage from a high altitude, if you own a drone you can showcase some of these amazing shots.

132. Highlight Reel

If you do a sport or have a creative hobby, showcase some of the highlights in a youtube video.

Music Videos

Share your musical talent with these video ideas.

133. Music Video

If you can sing or play an instrument, cover your favorite song.

134. Do a Freestyle Rap

If you like rapping more than singing, do a freestyle rap video.

135. Create a Music Lesson

If you are good at playing an instrument or singing, create some lesson videos to teach others.

136. Make a Karaoke Video

If you are not good at singing you can make karaoke video to entertain your viewers.

137. Sing a Song

If you are a good singer you can sing a song. It can be a song that you have written yourself or a cover of an existing song.

138. Create a Live Mix

If you are a DJ you can do a live mix on video and upload it to youtube.

Lifestyle Videos

Let your viewers take a peak into your personal life with these video ideas!

139. Room or House Tour

If you always show the same angle in your videos your viewers are probably curious about the rest of the room or house. You can do a house tour and show your living space!

140. Day in the Life

Make a youtube video about what an average day in your life looks like, not just the highlights. You may think this makes for a boring video but your viewers will love it because it’s relatable. This is similar to a vlog but vlogs usually only contain the most exciting parts of a day.

141. Morning Routine

What does your morning routine look like? Do you snooze 10x and run out the door with breakfast in your hands or do you get up early and take your time for breakfast?

What do you do before bed? Do you read a book, watch a show on Netflix or just play games on your phone?

143. Event Recap

Went to a cool event like a concert or farmers market recently? Share your experience!

144. Tour of Hometown or College

Instead of doing just a tour of your hometown or college, show off the town you live or your school!

How did you get started in your career or hobby? What do you like about it so much? What don’t you like about it?

146. Day in the Life of Your Profession

What does an average day in the life of your profession look like?

147. Detail an Animals Care and Feeding

Do you have a pet or animal that you take care of? Tell other people what it’s like to take care of him or her! Is it a lot of work?

Travel Videos

Travel video

Travel is always exciting and can make for some great ideas for youtube videos.

148. Holiday

If you are going on a holiday, create a youtube video about your trip! Where did you go and why? What did you do and see on your destination?

149. Travel Video

If you are traveling somewhere, film the journey and share it with your viewers! Do you have some extra tips or tricks you can give them?

150. What’s in My Bag

What do you travel with? Show your travel gear! For how long are you traveling, where are you going and what are you bringing and why?

Tell your viewers about how your last trip was or tell them where are you going next and why you picked that destination.

Not many people are comfortable discussing their finances but it’s a topic everyone finds interesting. How much did your last trip cost or how much are you budgeting for the next one?

153. Give Traveling Tips (Do’s and Don’ts)

If you have some experience traveling then you probably have some do’s and don’ts you can share with your viewers.

Couple Videos

Couples video ideas

If you have a boyfriend or girlfriends it’s fun to involve them in the channel as well! That way your viewers can get to know your partner and it’s easier for you to make videos than by yourself.

154. How We Met

Tell the story of how you and your partner met each other! Was it love at first sight?

155. Relationship Advice

If you have gone and gotten through hardships in your relationship you can share some advice with your viewers as to how you have overcome these hardships.

156. Boyfriend Does My Makeup

Guys know very little about makeup and letting him try to do your makeup without giving him hints could result in a hilarious video.

157. Do a Youtube Challenge

Youtube challenges are fun to do alone but even more fun if you can do them with your partner! To find a challenge to do you can use our list of youtube challenges.

158. Boyfriend or Girlfriend Tag

You can each create a list of questions about yourself that your partner can answer to see how well you know each other.

Funny Videos

If you are looking for ideas to make your viewers laugh, here are some ideas for funny videos!

159. Parody Video

Mock another YouTuber or one of his/her videos. Maybe imitate the way to speak or create videos. Just don’t be mean!

160. Challenges

Challenges are very popular on YouTube and we have all watched some of these videos. We created a list of Youtube challenges with ideas for challenges you can do so you don’t have to come up with your own challenge ideas.

161. Prank Video

Pull a prank on someone and record it. There are many different pranks you can do but just make sure the other person can laugh about it too!

162. Blooper Compilation

While recording YouTube videos you probably mess up. A lot. Usually you cut these bloopers out to create a professional looking video but you can create a compilation of your funniest bloopers.

Some of the YouTube comments on your videos can be hilarious, weird or funny. Read them out loud and record your reaction.

164. Reacting to Old Videos

You can also react to your old videos. If you have been doing YouTube for a long time your old videos are probably pretty bad which can be funny to look back on and makes for some entertaining videos.

165. React to

Reaction videos always do well on YouTube and can be hilarious to watch. A reaction video is a video where you film yourself reacting to ‘something’.

You can watch some of your old videos, read YouTube comments, tweets you receive, funny or scary videos or anything else that will cause an entertaining reaction.

166. Comedy Skit

Create some comedy sketches and compile them into a single video or create a longer comedy sketch for your viewers.

167. Outtake Video

During filming there is a lot of footage that you can’t use. Maybe you stumbled on your own words, you tripped in front of the camera or you had your camera settings completely wrong.

Combine all of these outtakes into a compilation of all funny outtakes.

Food & Cooking Videos

Here are some fresh ideas for the foodies!

168. Cooking Video

If you are cooking a good meal or if you are just baking cookies, it might make for a good youtube video. Show your viewers how to cook or bake your favorite meal or cookies and share the recipe.

169. What’s in Your Fridge or Cabinets

What is currently in your fridge or cabinets? Show off what you have and why you stock that!

If you know of a secret recipe or have a good family recipe you can share, create a youtube video about it.

171. Make a Ridiculous Recipe and Eat It

Have some fun with recipes and make a crazy recipe of ingredients you would normally never combine and see how it tastes. Did you accidentally make something good or does it taste really bad?

News and Opinion Videos

Discuss some news or share your own opinion on recent events.

Share your thoughts on a recent event. This can be an event from your own life such as graduating or recent news stories.

173. Rant video

Go on a rant about a topic that you have a strong opinion on. You can do a video on almost anything when you create a rant video. Sports, politics, entertainment etc.

If your YouTube channel is about a certain topic you can cover the industry news and share your thoughts on them.

175. Review of product, game, movie or book

You probably watch tv series/movies, play games, read books or use products. Share with your audience what you like or dislike about any of these things.

176. Interview

Interview a friend, family member or just a random person on the street.

If you are a fan of a TV show or movie series you can discuss the latest episodes, the meaning of some scenes or how you think it will continue.

178. Opinion, Response or Reaction Video

Create a youtube video with your opinion, response or reaction to a current event.

179. Discuss Current News

Discuss a current news event and tell your opinion on it.

180. Discuss a Book

Discuss a book that you have recently read or plan on reading. What did you think of the book or why do you want to read that book next?

181. Deep Dive into Current Events

You can also do a deep dive on a current news event. What is the backstory, what caused it and how does it affect other things?

Generating Ideas For New Videos

new video ideas

This article should give you plenty of new video ideas but here are some other ways you can come up with your own.

182. Ideas of Your Viewers

Your viewers probably leave a lot of comments on your videos about videos they want to see or things they want to know.

Browse through your latest videos and go through all the comments. Are there any specific topics your viewers want to know about? Your viewers will appreciate it.

183. Look at the Trending Videos for Ideas

YouTube has a page dedicated to currently trending videos. You can use this page as inspiration and to see what topics are currently popular.

184. Other Youtube Channels

it’s okay to take inspiration from what other Youtubers are doing! Look at youtube channels that are similar to yours and what kind of videos they are producing.

185. TV Shows

Youtube and TV are pretty similar to each other. What TV shows are currently popular? Is there something you can apply to your own youtube channel?

Seasonal Videos

Celebrate specials days with special videos!

186. Make a Video of New Years Resolutions

Almost 50% of the population say they have one or more new years resolution. If you make your own new years resolutions than it’s an interesting topic to make a youtube video about. What are you hoping to achieve this year and why?

187. Make a New Years Reflections Video

A lot can happen in one year so New Year’s is a good moment to reflect on your last year. What are some highlights or lows from the last year? Did you keep the New Years resolutions you made at the start of the year?

188. Christmas Video

Christmas is one of the most popular holidays in the world and there are many videos you can make around this holiday. What are your plans for Christmas, what gifts did you ask for or just use the occasion to create some videos together with family and friends.

189. Vlogmas

Vlogmas is a yearly tradition created by vloggers where they post a new vlogs everyday until Christmas.

190. What I Got For

Show your subscribers what you got for Christmas, your birthday or anniversary and share why you asked for that gift.

191. Other Holidays

There are many holidays each year that you could do a special video for. National holidays like memorial or independence day or religious holidays like Christmas or Easter.

Final Thoughts

Coming up with new video ideas isn’t always easy when you try to upload fresh new content to your channel regularly.

Hopefully you’ve found some new inspiration and ideas you can incorporate into your videos!


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