Babcock University Under Attack For Expelling Female Student Over Sex Video

Babcock University has come under attack over the expulsion of a female student caught having sex in a video that has since gone viral.

GKINGMUSIK reports that Babcock University announced on Wednesday that it has expelled the young lady in the viral sex video.

The school, however, maintained that the act did not take place on its premises.

Babcock University, in a statement by its Director of Communication and Marketing, Joshua Suleiman, said that the video was recorded in April 2019 when the young man, who had earlier been expelled in February, was undergoing rehabilitation at a health facility.

The varsity revealed that the lady in the video was a 300-Level student of accounting at the time the video was recorded but had been expelled since the video leaked in April.

The expulsion of the lady has since stirred reactions from Nigerians on social media.

Some queried the decision of the institution in expelling the lady after Babcock admitted that the act did not take place at the school premises.

Here are some comments gathered by NAIJALOADED from Twitter:

@OgbeniDipo “If I was VC, Dean of Student Affairs or part of the committee that looked into the Babcock students case, I would not recommend expulsion.If you want to destroy your own life, Nigerian institutions will no even blink. No second chances. Fiam, off you go. And they will wave you good bye.”

@Kandiekikugan “But hold on, the action didn’t take place on the school’s premises? Why expel her? I don’t get! Is the university an endorsement brand or a school they learn in? As an adult her actions outside the school shouldn’t be the school’s concern.”

@Nedunaija “First, while your media release is devoid of any grammatical error, its composition is lacking the elegance that is expected of statements from a tertiary institution.Secondly, I consider the expulsion on the young lady in the video quite extreme.”

@Poshyeal “This is wrong and should be challenged, an offence committed outside the school environment cannot attract a punishment.

“This is wrong and should be reversed.The school authority should have used the opportunity to council the students and make them better ambassadors.”

@Oluniyigates “Wait they didn’t even have sex in school? Babcock might as well expel all its students because at least 90% of them are having sex at home.”

@Emmanyrah “I’m not understanding anymore, they never had sex in the school environment, these were adult who just did what ever adult does.”

@Sunbrezzy “Babcock thought your institution was ahead but no I don’t see any reasons for you to expel someone that you need to counsel more.A suspension would have been a good option.”

@Niqqa_teebex “Absolutely wrong move to expel the girl. If you’re really committed to nurturing students of distinct and excellent character, expelling them wouldn’t achieve that. You don’t cut the head to cure headache. Even Mr Joshua Suleiman who signed this dey knack. Hypocrites everywhere.”

@Tomtomspirit “We just condemn and claim to be christians. Is there any investigation on going to track the source of the leaked video? Who leaked it, was it the boy himself? What is the physiological state of the girl in question.Are there provisions for this devastating actions?

@Thatsgotti “There should be a way she can appeal this but the stigmatization alone is enough punishment. I understand you are trying to set a standard as an educational institution but the incident happened outside. Many of ur adult students indulge in sex too they just don’t record it.”

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