Boy Revived After Drowning While Swimming With His Girlfriend (Video)

Tragedy was averted on Sunday at a swimming pool in Ajao Estate, Lagos, as a boy was rescued after drowning while having fun with his girlfriend.

According to Chukwu – a fast-thinking eyewitness who was instrumental to the rescue – the victim was having fun in the pool with his girlfriend and a mutual friend when he swam to the deep end.

However, he couldn’t make it back and couldn’t shout for help. Chukwu said: “What drew my attention to them was when I noticed the friend was smooching the girl and then I looked out for the guy and boom he was 12ft below the water.

I guess nobody saw him early. But all thanks to Almighty God, he survived after almost an hour of resuscitation. The girlfriend fled immediately the incident happened and was later tracked down and scolded for abandoning her boyfriend.”

Watch The Video Below;

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