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California Fashion Association

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TheCalifornia Fashion Associationis the forum organized to address the issues of concern to our industry. Manufacturers, suppliers, educational institutions, allied associations, and all apparel-related businesses benefit.

The latest news from the California Fashion Association:

•Los Angeles Business Journal ‘LA 500 List(more)
• Ilse Metchek Guest Speaker Radio Show interview “How Has Shut Down Affected Retail And What Does It Signal For Its Future?”(more)
• CFA College Efforts 2020(more)
• OTIS College Presentation (April 14, 2020)(more)
• California Fashion Foundation Scholarship Awards (May 2, 2019)(more)
• The Fashion District’s New Look(more)
• Alumni Immersion Event at FIDM College Campus ( May 8, 2019)(more)
• Santa Monica College Presentation (October 9, 2019)(more)
• Woodbury University Presentation (March 28, 2019)(more)
• CFA Member Spotlight(more)
• 2019 Year End Message(more)
• Los Angeles Business Journal Awards (December 12, 2019)(more)
• Made in USA Legislation(more)
• 2019 Academy of Art university-San Francisco Presentation (September 24, 2019)(more)
• Annual Christmas Party (December 11, 2019)(more)
• Protect Yourself Newsletter(more)
• Warning! Defending Against Proposition 65(more)
•Technology by Design(more)(more)
•Los Angeles Trade Technical College Presentation (May 17, 2019)(more)
•Otis College of Art & Design Presentation (September 19, 2019)(more)
•Fashion Action(more)

The California Fashion Association is focused on building a knowledge base to identify and meet the needs of the various constituents of the industry. The CFA was formed to facilitate that service and we are grateful to the many members and non-members alike who have stepped up in support of the country’s population in dire stress.

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Here you will find the latest industry information including current events, market dates and hot button issues…

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California Fashion Manufacturing

The California Fashion Manufacturing (CFM) program gathers information about the varied opportunities in the region for manufacturing, designing and creative services…and promotes the availability of these services and products to retailers, media, and all participants in the global industry.

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The California Fashion Foundation

The California Fashion Foundation works to make a positive contribution to the knowledge and welfare of constituents of the apparel and textile industry.

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The Textile Association of Los Angeles

The Textile Association of Los Angeles (TALA) provides the California Apparel and Textile Industry with a network of assistance for domestic and international markets. TALA offers information to manufacturers, importers, agents, and allied global associations.

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