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  1. College Football 3

    University of Texas Won’t Drop Song With Racist History

    “The Eyes of Texas,” once sung at minstrel shows, will remain a campus anthem at the University of Texas at Austin, the school announced on Monday.

    By Maria Cramer

  2. College Football 4

    College Football Season Teeters on the Brink

    Bit by bit, workouts, programs or seasons are canceled by conferences, throwing into question if it is worth having a season at all in a pandemic.

    By John Branch

  3. College Football 5

    Big Ten Will Play Fall Sports Only Within Conference, if at All

    The league’s football teams had been scheduled to participate in some of the most highly anticipated nonconference games of the 2020 season.

    By Gillian R. Brassil and Alan Blinder

  4. College Football 6

    Ivy League Places All Sports on Hold Until January

    The league’s decision could be influential for other university presidents as they consider how to handle the coronavirus pandemic. It is the first Division I conference to suspend football for the fall.

    By Billy Witz

  5. College Football 7

    Should We Play? Two College Football Teams Have Very Different Answers

    Morehouse, the first scholarship football program to cancel its season, cited the coronavirus’s disproportionate impact on Black people. Clemson has insisted on continuing despite 37 positive tests.

    By Billy Witz

  6. College Football 8

    How College Sports Spurred Mississippi to Seriously Reconsider Its Flag

    Time and again, debate over the state’s flag and its Confederate battle imagery faded away. Then college sports leaders threatened to take away some of the biggest games.

    By Alan Blinder

  7. College Football 9

    Morehouse Cancels Football and Cross Country Because of Coronavirus

    The historically black college in Atlanta is one of the first universities to cancel football in 2020 amid the pandemic.

    By Alan Blinder and Billy Witz

  8. College Football 10

    This College Football Team Had No Coronavirus Cases at First. Then It Shut Down.

    A spike in positive coronavirus tests is prompting universities across college sports to acknowledge how precarious their plans are for a season.

    By Billy Witz

  9. College Football 11

    N.C.A.A. Pressures Mississippi on Confederate Emblem on State Flag

    The association’s expanded policy on the Confederate symbol came after the Southeastern Conference urged Mississippi to change its state flag.

    By Alan Blinder

  10. College Football 12

    First Cancellations Emerge for Major College Football

    Four games involving historically black colleges and universities were canceled, in part illustrating an economic difficulty for games played at neutral sites.

    By Billy Witz


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