Davido 2

Davido is the twelfth and African theme episode of Season 14 of the improv comedy show Wild ‘N Out on VH1. This episode features singer/songwriter Davido as the Black Team Captain and Musical Guest.

  • So Fly – Winner: Black Team
  • Vowing Out – Winner: Black Team
  • Twerk Work – Winner: Black Team
  • Wildstyle – Winner: Black Team

Red Team Davido 3Edit

  • Team Captain: Nick Cannon
  • DC Young Fly
  • Emmanuel Hudson
  • Conceited
  • Hitman Holla
  • B. Simone
  • Vena E.
  • Jay Cole
  • Infared Fred

Black Team Davido 3Edit

  • Team Captain: Davido
  • Chico Bean
  • Karlous Miller
  • Charlie Clips
  • Justina Valentine
  • Big Mack
  • Cortez Macklin
  • Billy Sorrells
  • Rip Micheals

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