Dirty football confessions

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Dirty football confessions

Anonimo asked:

Hi! I love your account and I was just wondering how do you do the text you put for your confessions because I’m thinking of starting a confessions page too please let me know thank you so much!!!

Sorry hun I haven’t been on here for a while. Thank you very much I use picsart or phonto good luck with your blog!!

Can everyone just stop being so mean to Bonucci, please?
It’s disgusting to see people telling him that they hope that he gets hurt really bad or that they wish that his son doesn’t make it to Milan.
I understand that you may be angry but acting like this is not magically make him return to Juventus.

Anonimo asked:

how many confessions have you got already? Love The idea of this tumblr! Have a nice Day!

Hi sweetie! I’ve got just one confession but I am sure that I’m gonna get more!
Have a nice day too

Anonimo asked:

What do you mean with “specify”? Thx!

Hey honey! I mean saying who the confession is about. For example “I would let Dybala ………” I need just the player/wag/coach name

Guys, don’t forget to specify who the confessions is about!

puklin: “Fútbol Logic ” puklin

Fútbol Logic

hot-soccer-men: “Marco Reus ” hot-soccer-men

Marco Reus




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