Download Relaxed Royalty Free Music

Download Relaxed Royalty Free Music 1

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New service on the way:

The New Ambient Music Garden will help you even more to get your therapeutic content produced more simply and more affordably.

Up until now you needed to either purchase software and mix your own audio voice over with your licensed and downloaded music. Hiring an engineer to do the work, whilst at a professional level ensuring high quality, becomes un affordable if you want to produce content on a regular and volume basis.

Soon, with Ambient Music Garden you will be able to:

  • Browse and select a track
  • Upload your pre-recorded audio voice over
  • Mix the two audio tracks together
  • Download the mixed track and burn to CD and upload to YouTube.

Download Relaxed Royalty Free Music 2

Screen shot of Audacity’s mix tool which will be similar in functionality to the new Ambient Music Garden mix tool. You will be able to adjust volumes of each audio file to ensure the right balance of the two for your production.

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