Drama As Mercy, Omashola Clash At #Bbnaija”Pepper Dem” Reunion 1

Drama As Mercy, Omashola Clash At #Bbnaija”Pepper Dem” Reunion

Drama As Mercy, Omashola Clash At #Bbnaija”Pepper Dem” Reunion

Drama As Mercy, Omashola Clash At #Bbnaija”Pepper Dem” Reunion
Drama As Mercy, Omashola Clash At #Bbnaija”Pepper Dem” Reunion

There was a lot of drama between the winner of the season 4 show, Mercy Eke and Omashola Oboroh, who emerged as 3rd runner-up, in the Big Brother Naija ‘Pepper Dem’ reunion on Wednesday.

The housemates present for Wednesday’s episode were: Omashola, Mercy, Frodd, Esther, Cindy, Avala and Seyi.

The show kicked off with Cindy insisting that she never had side talks about any housemate while in the house, even though everyone agreed, Seyi chose to ‘scatter the ground’ that there was a time he overheard her speak about a housemate. She afterwards admitted she did.

Mercy and Omashola’s ‘gbas gbos’ The ‘gbas gbos’ began when Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, the host of the reality TV show, told Omashola that there are clips of him gossiping and went further to show a video clip of him and fellow housemate Seyi gossiping in the garden.

Omashola, in defense slut-shamed Mercy by saying she flaunted her body and tried to get 2face and Don Jazzy’s attention when they visited them in the Big Brother Naija house.

He also mentioned that Mercy told Don Jazzy she’s a video vixen when he asked her what she wants him to do for her.

Another clip which showed Mercy complaining bitterly that Omashola came into the bathroom when Ike and herself were bathing and threw condoms at them was played. Mercy got furious at the part where Omashola said all the condoms in the house are exhausted because of Ike and her.

Omashola responded that he took it as a joke and there were no hard feelings between them, explaining further that he jokingly threw a pack of condom at them when he entered the bathroom and saw them naked.

Mercy said she was wearing a swim suit during the shower and wasn’t naked as Omashola alleged so why would he throw a pack of condom at her and Ike?

Mercy got furious and attacked Omashola. The ‘gbas gbos’ become serious and other housemates had to interfere to calm the situation. But Ebuka and Frodd were just observing the drama as it gets tough.


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