FG Recovers N594.08bn Through Whistle-Blower Policy

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Since the adoption of the whistle-blower policy in 2016, the Federal Government has so far recovered N594.09bn through the policy.

The Permanent Secretary, Special Duties, Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Dr Muhammed Dikwa, said this at a workshop in Abuja.

Dikwa, according to a statement issued on Thursday night by the ministry, said the whistle-blower policy had come to stay in Nigeria.

He added that Nigeria had joined other countries of the world to accept the policy as a global acceptable norm.

Dikwa noted that the Federal Government decided to introduce the policy to fight corruption and other financial crimes.

He also said that through the policy, the government was able to recover salaries from retired diplomats who were still being paid for almost two years to the tune of N192m.

Dikwa added that the policy had assisted in reducing corruption in the public sector.

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