Football Betting Tips 1×2 or Win Draw Win

Football Betting Tips 1x2 or Win Draw Win 1

You will know the 1X2 football market by many different names, sometimes this is referred to as the match winner market while others know it as the 3-way market or even as win draw win market. Whatever you call it, this is the most basic football market out there and it is simple who will win the match. When you see free betting tips 1X2 football predictions, what you are seeing is who the experts think will win the game, and when you place a bet all you care about is the outcome of that game, the score and anything else doesn’t matter.

The 1X2 name and windrawwin are the most commonly used because this is also the three outcomes that you can place your bet tips on. The 1 refers to a home win, 2 refers to an away win and the X refers to a draw in the game, this is what used to be used by people when filing out football betting slips a long time ago. The hot odds betting tips 1X2 are available every day, so if you want to get involved it doesn’t matter what day or time it is, there will always be something available for you.

How to Spot Suitable Games for 1X2 / windrawwin Football Tip?

Spotting suitable soccer matches to place 1X2 bets on can be hard at first, but when you become an experienced punter and you use the right tipping services, this becomes a lot easier. Football betting tips will help you decide which games you should bet on and you don’t always have to bet on them, but if you can choose out the games you want to bet on from the betting tips 1X2 then you could put yourself in a position where you always win.

When you are looking at the odds on the hot odds betting tips 1X2 you must remember that the betting tips provided are done so by real players. The higher the percentage on the market by the player, the more chance of striking big and landing a great win on one of their most analysed matches. Those who tip like this will have taken the time to study every angle on the game before they come up with their tip, so it will often pay to take note of what they suggest.

When you are looking at games for yourself, take the time to study the form of both teams that are taking part. Look for games where one team is sure to dominate, but make sure you check out things like injuries and team news, because these can have a big impact on how a team performs. If you want to pick out bets to place with your betting site then you need to put in the same time and effort as the experts do.

Football Bet Types and Resulting Rules

There are many ways to bet on a football game and you will see when looking at betting tips 1X2 that people often specialise in one or two particular markets. Below are just some of the common ways you can bet, but there are many other betting markets pages to look through if you would like to bet in other ways.

Accumulator Betting Tips

Football accumulator betting is hugely popular with punters because it gives people the chance to win big for just a small stake, although we must keep in mind that when the winnings are big the risk is even bigger. When placing an accumulator bet you need all your selections to win, so make sure you only put those you think are certain to win in your bet, otherwise you could have a large number of winners but no return because one let you down.

Over/Under Betting Tips

Betting on the total amount of goals is another popular way to bet and you can use a variety of different bet types to do this. When you are betting this way you are choosing whether there will be over or under the total number of goals on the line. For example if the line is 2.5 then over would mean three goals or more and under would mean two goals or less. By picking out teams to follow who score a lot of goals, or those who struggle to score you can turn the over under betting market into something profitable for you.

Both Teams to Score Betting Tips

Betting on both teams to score is another popular way to bet and just like the over/under market, it doesn’t matter which team wins the game for your bet. This is slightly different to the other goals market, in this one you want both teams to score at least once in the game. It doesn’t matter how many they score, or who wins, all this bet needs to win is for both teams to score. There are many stats available showing which teams are good on this market, and ideally ,you need to find a team that has good attacking options, but also one that struggles defensively so they may concede.

Match Winner Betting Tips

The match winner is something that everyone talks about, and something that a lot of people bet on. This market is very similar with 1×2 or win draw win. Instead of being a three-way market it’s a two-way market. The less possible outcomes the higher winning possibilities.

When placing a bet on the match winner, you do not care about anything other than who wins the game. Don’t worry about the score or the number of goals, just focus on who you think will win.

How Can I Follow Your 1X2 Football Tips?

You can follow the hot odds betting tips 1X2 in a number of different ways. The best way to follow these tips is to register free of charge, this way you will receive all the betting tips and you will also keep up to date with everything that is happening on the site. Your betting tips will become eligible for our betting tips competitions with cash prizes.

The second way you can keep up to date with what is happening and see our free betting tips 1X2 football predictions is to bookmark this site into your favourites. Whether you are from the UK, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania or anywhere else in the world, this webpage will be a vital resource for you, so be sure to bookmark us and keep returning to see what we have on offer.


Betting on the 1X2 betting markets, also known as the win draw win betting market, is hugely popular and with football games from all over the world covered by the bookmakers, there is a lot of opportunities to place bets. If you want to keep up to date with everything happening on this website and all of the latest 1X2 football betting tips then be sure to sign up with us right now and get access to everything we have. Being a football expert takes a lot of time but by signing up with us you will see the very best football tips from great tipsters in just a matter of seconds. From here you can place your bets with your bookmaker and watch the returns come in.



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