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Football Predictions, Betting tips – Best Betting Sites reviews in Kenya

Football Predictions, Betting tips - Best Betting Sites reviews in Kenya 1

Listen up, sports fanatics out in Kenya! We have some free betting tips for you to help you grow your bankroll.

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My advise for Kenyans and betting tips for you to help you grow your bankroll!

Choose your Bookie Wisely

There are a ton of online bookies out there. This, however, doesn’t mean that they are all created equal. Some bookies are much better than others, not only in features but also in security and safety. Considering the risks that could await, it is always recommended to do a bit of your own research, making sure that the bookmaker is licensed and legal. Don’t just stop there though, also make sure they are up to date with the latest SSL encryption to keep your sensitive data safe.

Check out Withdrawal Amounts

Most bettors begin their online gambling journey without thinking about how they can get their hands on their winnings. They don’t realize that some methods come with wait times and limits until it is too late getting their hopes up. To avoid any disappointment or any unexpected wait times, you’ll want to check the website’s policies on payouts. Check that your preferred method is accepted and also check the withdrawal minimums and maximums.

Look for Transparency

This detail is also often overlooked. It is hard to keep focused with so many sports happening daily. This distraction, however, shouldn’t keep you from checking out their customer care and online presence. Do they have methods to contact an agent and if so, how many? Do they have limited hours, or are they available 24/7? When bookies have a robust customer service system and are connected and active across social platforms, they tend to perform better, attempting to keep their reputation spotless. You can see how they handle complaints and questions by browsing through those who have reached out to an agent before you.

Do your Homework

As we mentioned above, the internet is packed full of all kinds of bookies. Though you need to be careful, this also means that you will have a broader range of options to choose from. More variety means that bookies are continually going head to head to try and rise above the competition and offer gamers more bonuses for sign up. The more you browse, the better decision you can make, choosing the bookie that suits all your needs both at sign up and as you continue to play.

Know your Rights

It doesn’t often happen when using a top-ranked booking site but, sometimes you’ll have to keep bookies in check. What we mean is, when it comes to bonuses, offers, deals, and more, always make sure that you know your rights. If for some reason you don’t get paid as you should have or if you don’t have access to a deal or promo offered by the site, you can call up customer care and make your claim. The customer is always right and even more so when the customer’s complaint is well-researched. Avoid any problems by knowing your rights and where you stand.

So, once you have found the betting site that checks all the right boxes, then what? That’s right! It’s time to start betting. Follow these tips to get the best out of your first bets:

  • Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. We know how difficult it can be to go against your team. Maybe you’re a die-hard fan and are always cheering on your guys no matter who they’re up against.  But in the world of sports betting, you should put emotions aside and take a god look at odds. Sometimes, the odds will be in favour of your rival, but that could mean money in your pocket. The more research you do and the more you know, the better.
  • Know your limits. It can be easy to get carried away. Accumulator bets are fun and come with higher chances to win. They also come with the opportunity to increase the amount that you’re betting overall. While it can be exciting and you have a higher potential to earn the more you bet, you always need to know your limits. Don’t go overboard and gamble too much to avoid any losses that you might not have been planning for.
  • You win some; you lose some. You should always go into gambling, knowing that you can’t win all the time. It means that if you do fail, and you will, don’t sweat it. Also, don’t lash out and start betting to try and make up for your losses. You just have to accept that in the world of gambling, you can’t win them all and the quicker you accept that, the better.
  • Budget your bankroll. Think of betting as a fund. Add money to that fund and only use that money when gambling. It is a good way to make sure that you never go beyond your budget and keep your money safe. Sometimes, it can be tempting to keep on betting especially if the odds are especially tilted in your favour, but it is best of hold off if you’re over your betting limit and save up for the next time.
  • Admit it if you need help. Betting is fun and comes with a rush of excitement at every bet. But it can turn into a slight addiction, which some people have a hard time shaking. The best way to combat this type of problem is to stop it before it starts to develop into something that you can’t stop. If you notice that you’re anxious or feel like you can’t control your habits, there are several resources available which you can use to shake the habit quickly. It is nothing to be ashamed of and recognizing a problem developing early on is vital.

Thinking About Signing up for a Football Prediction Site? Here are a few Tips you Should Consider


  1. Their Rep. First and foremost, check when they made their appearance on the world wide web. Then, check out a bit of their history and who they are funded and licensed by. Be wary of any kind of online prediction site that seems to have just sprung up overnight as these may charge you for their services and not deliver. We are living in the age of digital scams, and using sites that are secure and safe is a top priority, especially when sharing your sensitive data or paying money for premium services. There are too many prediction sites out there not to choose one that is safe, so do your research.
  2. What Do Others Say? Reviews can be a make or break for many companies. It is a great thing for you as a new user, taking advantage of the opportunity to see how other players’ experience played out. You typically won’t find too much around the web if everything is fine and dandy. When there is a problem or an unsolved issue, however, users take to the internet to lash out in an attempt to warn players and catch the company’s attention. One place you can check apart from your favourite search engine is a chat room or forum where sports lovers go to connect. You can take to these and see what others think or if they may have used the site that you are considering before.
  3. How Do They Get their Info? Last but most certainly not least, you should look into where their predictions came from. How did they come up with them and what types of stats and numbers did they use to get there? Make sure that they are backing up their predictions with the latest data and stats to hit the web. Also, be aware of any bias. Just like you are a dedicated fan to one team, some sites tend to favour specific teams over others. Another thing to check out is that the person behind the numbers is more than just an amateur. Try to find a name and title of the person producing the data, using this to make sure that they know what they’re talking about and that they are trustworthy to follow.

Sports betting is not something that comes naturally for most people. As a matter of fact, for the majority of people, understanding and making bets that add money to their bankroll is a challenge. It takes time to know what to look for and also to trust your gut feeling. While it is not something to quit your nine-to-five, it can be something to grow the money in your pocket substantially. It’s best to stick to a humble mindset and a conservative budget, staying this way until you learn the ropes. Once you’re comfortable and start racking up winnings, you can start taking more risks and start betting on events way outside your comfort zone.

What are the Best Bookmakers for Players in Kenya?

There are a lot of sports fans in Kenya. This, in turn, means that there is a substantial market for sports betting providing lots of options to choose. So, how do players in Kenya choose wisely? While certain factors make some a better fit for you than others, there are a few main things like legality, license, customer care, and game selection that are a must. We have put together a few for you to try out.

  1. 1xBet. One of the things that impress us about this site is transparency. You can get in touch with them easily, plus they have a constant presence on social media. As a fully functioning casino, they hit the web with casino favourites like slots, poker, blackjack and roulette. As sports betting gets more and more popular gaining followers from all corners of the earth, so too has sports betting. This led to their following to explode with more players joining thanks to the website’s competitive odds and full-fledged sports betting environment. They offer live streaming, in-game betting, and even options to cash out in-game, making them one of the best in the business.
  2. 22Bet. These guys have matches and sports events up and running daily. We are not just talking one or two; there are thousands, including some of the top leagues around the world. The newest trend, E-Sports and virtual sports are also up and running, available for bets day and night, all week long. Plus, as a newcomer, you’re welcomed by a sweet offer that gives you double your original deposit amount to gamble with on your first round, plus other bonuses that will keep you coming back for more.
  3. Sportybet. This bookie became a favourite in Nigeria before making its way into Kenya. Besides the casino and the impressive sportsbook, you’ll find jackpots that are out of this world. These are happening every week where winners are crowned the new Sportybet winner, walking away with lots of cold hard cash. Apart from the jackpot, there are also lots of other bonus offers that make this site great if you are a more frequent gamer.
  4. Sportpesa. If you have browsed around the web, you have likely stumbled across an ad from these guys. They are one of the more popular and well-known betting sites in Kenya offering a sports betting portal for fans of all types. Apart from the full desktop version of the site, you will find a well-running mobile version that works perfectly on the browser of any kind of mobile device plus a mobile app for both Android and iOS. Bets can be made using SMS as well as withdrawal processes from all of the most used banks in Kenya.
  5. Betin. These guys offer a massive bonus to new players. Apart from that, they are much more than a sports betting site, rich in features and bonus tournaments that keep players engaged outside of sports matches. They are also one of the more technologically updated sites out there and are highly optimized for mobile play. You can play on any mobile device using the full online website or the app. Both come with their advantages, but the features and gameplay are all the same.

The Best Betting Sites in Kenya

Online sports betting has been popular in many areas for some time now. Though it is relatively new in Kenya, it has spread like wildfire with several gamers jumping on the sports betting bandwagon. There is no need to worry about jurisdictions in the area as betting online is completely legal in Kenya. The passing of the Betting Lotteries and Gaming Act back in 1966 has been left untouched and unmodified, leaving gamers in the green.

In Africa as a whole, sports and betting are two famous markets. While most continents have legal gaming, Kenya is one of the booming markets, with numerous players in the industry. This is why finding a fully legal site is a priority, giving those who follow sports, leagues, and teams a little something extra to add to the excitement. Plus, sports fans can make a buck or two while following the events that they have been waiting for.

Players are always on the hunt for the best places to make their bets. For this reason, we decided to find the best places around the web that have the best options for sports betting. Not only where you can bet but a few suggestions on how you can bet to keep your bankroll safe, secure and, most importantly, from running out.

We won’t just stop there but also take it one step further by looking into the types of bonuses that are up for grabs from each site and if they are worth your time. After discovering a bit about each betting site, you can take to the web yourself visiting forums or social media platforms to voice your opinion and discuss sites with other players that might be able to give you a little more insight.

The Best Betting Companies in Kenya in 2019

  1. Sportybet

For us, number one is clear. It may have started in Nigeria but ventured over into Kenya, climbing its way up charts and into the hearts of the biggest sports enthusiasts. We are especially fond of the ability to bet on just about anything, including some jackpot events that come with the opportunity to win big.

  1. Betin

A close second is Betin. They not only come with a ton of perks, but they are highly reliable. Their transparency and no-fuss way of doing things have made them one of the most loved websites by gamblers in Kenya. While each version of the casino and sportsbook is nicely organized, a special section is specifically for those making wagers from their mobile devices. It is developed with HTML5, taking care of the fitting, making sure that the site adjusts to any screen perfectly.

  1. Betika

While Betika may not have the same portfolio as the two powerhouses above, their reputation is what scored them the number three position on our list. You won’t find a lot of bells and whistles but a more straight forward approach with no gimmicks. They target serious sports bettors and have tailored their bonuses to those who stay and play. It is not the best site for the occasional gamer, especially those who are looking for a more aesthetically pleasing experience. But those are extras and are very small on the scale of the casino as a whole.

  1. 22Bet

One of the newer kids on the block making a splash is Bet22. They hit the market in 2017 and have since then been giving gamers a place to make wagers on all the most anticipated sports events. They bring a more modernized flare to all the other sites, allowing players to use more modern technologies such as cryptocurrencies and E-Wallets. On top of that, they have every kind of sport imaginable, not to mention a hefty set of bonuses for both new and existing players.

  1. 1XBet

These guys are based in Russia but have quickly spread into other countries. 1XBet are licensed and legal, also coming with certificates for their on-site security system. This bookmaker is no stranger to the world of sports betting and is continuously going back to the drawing board to bring gamers more of what they love. Also, when their members talk, they listen. They are connected across the web on just about every social site plus are quick to respond to any questions or concerns that pop up.

  1. mCHEZA

This website was created right in the middle of the online betting spike in Kenya. When they first came out, they had only SMS betting available but have quickly evolved into a full functioning casino. It continues to be a top-used site by players in Kenya, as they are trusted and secure. Plus, they have been around for some time, which helped them to build a solid reputation.

  1. betPawa

Another betting site that was at the forefront of sports betting in Africa is betPawa. They have been providing legal and secure betting to players in Kenya for some years, now making them a staple and trusted platform. On top of that, they are one of the sportsbooks that offer a wide range of payment methods specifically tailored to the needs of African players.

  1. BetYetu

Graphically speaking, this is not the most pleasant looking site out there. But their design doesn’t do them justice. When you dig a little deeper, you will find a rocking portfolio with sports across the board and options to wager on either your desktop or mobile devices. Their layout is simple and easy to use plus, comes with a few features that make it simple and easy.

  1. SportPesa

This is a Kenyan creation, which brings a lot of pride to its citizens and users. SportPesa was intended to be more of a site for the local market; however, fate had other thoughts in mind. They quickly captured the attention of gamblers across the globe and are now available in other areas as well. Their odds are great, and their sports plentiful, so, what else could you need?

  1. Betway

In the market since 2006, these guys have continuously spread around the globe. Their services are used by millions, and they have racked up a few top-notch sponsorships that have put them on the map. Betway are used highly in Kenya for their brand but also their bonuses and transparency.

  1. KwikBet

Betting by SMS is a great feature that can win you lots of cash. It is especially true because in the world of sports, things happen at lightning-fast paces, and making bets quick is a necessity. KwikBet specializes in SMS bets but has also spread out their abilities allowing players to make other kinds of bets, too.

  1. Dafabet

A website from the Philippines, Dafabet started off small and quickly spread. Now, players in Kenya can enjoy the many plusses that the site has to offer including lots of markets, fast-paced betting, and even a wide range of bonuses that are for both new and loyal players.

The Best Bonus Offers

One of the things that you should be on the lookout for when joining a new sports betting site is their bonus offers. It could mean that you’re betting with more than what you came with using this bonus cash to learn the ropes and get familiar with the casino. It can be an excellent opportunity to make riskier bets and put down more than you would so, make sure to take advantage when you score one. Below, we have some of the best bonuses around that you can take advantage of today.

  1. 22Bet

As a welcome, the site doubles your first deposit up to 15,000 KES. It means you have a shot at placing wagers on any sport you want up to 30,000 KES, imagine hitting that on your first bet! Besides the welcome, they have some sweet reload bonuses to get your account ready for the weekend plus, lower minimum deposit ranges.

  1. 1XBet

Keeping up with the competition and attempting to drive gamers directly to their site instead, 1XBet offers a 200% match on your first deposit on amounts up to 20,000KES, so the more, the better. We know, you may be wondering why this is number two. It is because of the terms and conditions, which you have to follow to keep the amount valid.

  1. Betika

What we like the best about Betika is the cashback offer. You can’t win them all, and this bonus is designed to keep you betting and take away some of the worries that may come with making riskier bets.

  1. Betway

Their reputation speaks more for them than any bonus can, and they know that. It is perhaps the reason why the site only offers a 50% match which could give you a bonus of up to KES 5,000. This is not all that bad, but compared to other top sites, it is a bit on the lower side.

  1. Sportybet

Coming in at number five is Sportybet. It is not their welcome offer that we’re impressed by but their accumulator or multiple bets bonus which can be up to 135%. This offer helps to encourage players to go ahead and make multiple bets across a wide range of markets, giving them an incentive and a way to add some winnings into their pockets.

The Best Betting Sites with M-Pesa/SMS

The popularity of sports betting is growing year after year and is expected to stay that way. Surprisingly, there are still several sites in Kenya that do not offer payment options like credit and debit cards, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies.

For transfers, citizens of Kenya use M-Pesa, a money transferring system that works with mobile phones. It was created by mobile giant Vodaphone and is available in other areas like Tanzania, Egypt, and Lesotho, with a wide range of currencies.

Luckily, most mobile devices today come equipped with the M-Pesa app. All users have to do is log in to their account or create one if they have not already. It takes minutes and connects directly to the bank account via cell phone number. This is all needed to transfer money, only entering the number, the amount, and clicking ‘send.’ The scheme applies mainly to transfers; however, users do have a few options available for adding cash directly into their account.

M-Pesa might be the most used method of transfer, but also look out for E-Wallets and cryptocurrencies for fast withdrawal times. While most betting sites available for gamers in Kenya have M-Pesa available, not all do, so be sure to take a look at payment options before you sign up. Of those that we have mentioned, the best sites that offer M-Pesa are:


In this review, our aim was to provide players in Kenya with a guide to finding all the best sites. We wanted to get more in-depth information than just the reputation or name that these sites have built for themselves and look into bonuses and all the things that players like. On top of that, we wanted to leave you guys with a few tricks of the trade so that you’re able to make better bets without the fear of walking away empty-handed.

Gambling is fun. It is especially fun when combined with the opportunity to win money by betting on what may or may not happen. Still, it is always recommended to gamble with care and keep it as it was intended to be a fun pastime. We hope you’re on your way to big winnings without suggestions and that you’re enjoying your search for your next favourite betting site. Happy gaming!



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