‘I’m Better Than You’ – Fan Fires Back At Peter Okoye «

A social media user comes in hot on popular Nigerian Musician “Peter Okoye” who told him to go Bleep himself as well as his entire generation.

It all started with a message he sent to the singer suggesting he should apologize to his twin brother so as to bring back peace between the music group “Psquare“.

The social media user who responded to the reply whereby Peter Okoye told him to better “unfollow his page or get blocked” said

You can block me because you have nothing to give to me because I’m better than you. I just pray that one day God should change your mind so that you can go back to your brother and apologize to him, I believe he will forgive you.

Paul Okoye I’m sorry bro I’m just trying to help your brother Peter!! Now the world knows that you are better than him.

Peter should please don’t Bleep with me if not I’m going to play the air out of him

Responding to his message, it wasn’t taken easy on the user who said he is a fan of the Psquare music group as Peter Okoye left him without words.

He said;

Bleep you and your entire generation Idiot. Better than me! Eiya you wish!!

All these stupid Psquare angry fans y’all don’t know that you are the losers. My progress and success is killing you guys. I’m here making more money and living the best life.

I don’t share my money with anyone like when i was in the group. My money is my money……. Please make sure you stay away from transformer and sniper because that’s the only option.

I was right when I made up my mind to end the group because y’all don’t deserve it. Selfish Motherfuckers!!

Better use this energy and better your life broke ass Idiot.


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