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The employees at JanSport stand vehemently against racism and support all who seek racial justice and equality. Black Lives Matter.

For the past three weeks our employees have been asking tough questions and reflecting on what we can do to affect positive change in the Black Community.

1) JanSport will forge a multi-year funding partnership with the UNCF, whose mission is to ensure all Americans have equal access to a college education.

2) Accelerate previously established efforts to promote Inclusion and Diversity in all parts of our business.

3) Increase the presence of POC on our leadership team from 18% today to 25% by 2025.

4) Offer a voice on JanSport’s social media platforms to those in the Black Community fighting for racial justice and equality; actively join the fight.

5) Continue a tradition of elevating Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in our advertising, marketing and communication platforms.

We stand with the Black Community and with those who seek to right the wrongs of racial injustice and promote racial equality in all measures of our society.

– The JanSport Team



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