Johnson Suleman – Alagbada Ina Ft. Lizzy Suleman & Marvel Joks

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The prestigious leader of Omega Fire MinistriesApostle Johnson Suleman releases new hit single and it’s official video titled “Alagbada Ina“.

In the song he features his wife, Dr Lizzy Johnson Suleman and Award-winning international Gospel music minister, Marvel Joks who was the first National Music leader of Omega Fire Ministries.

Alagbada Ina is a contemporary highlife and also indicates a popular Yoruba appellation of God Almighty which means ‘The One Clothe with Fire’. The song is a tune that glorifies God’s Greatness: There’s no one greater than Jehovah, Alagbada Ina!.

The song is produced by Ezybeat and video directed by Justice DH Films.

Check it out below;


Am cool and calm to be with, I believe in Myself. Artist Manager, Digital Distributor and Services

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