Journalism and Media 1

Journalism and Media

Journalism and Media 2

As COVID-19 Emerged in U.S., Facebook Posts About It Appeared in Wide Range of Public Pages, Groups

Majorities of Americans Say News Coverage of George Floyd Protests Has Been Good, Trump’s Public Message Wrong

Journalism and Media 3

Americans Who Rely Most on White House for COVID-19 News More Likely to Downplay the Pandemic

Americans’ Views of the News Media During the COVID-19 Outbreak

About Seven-in-Ten U.S. Adults Say They Need to Take Breaks From COVID-19 News

Older Americans continue to follow COVID-19 news more closely than younger adults

How Americans perceive the outbreak and view media coverage differ by main news source

Americans Immersed in COVID-19 News; Most Think Media Are Doing Fairly Well Covering It

U.S. Media Polarization and the 2020 Election: A Nation Divided

Trusting the News Media in the Trump Era

Americans Are Wary of the Role Social Media Sites Play in Delivering the News

For Local News, Americans Embrace Digital but Still Want Community Connection

Journalism and Media 4

What are the local news dynamics in your city?



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