Latest Prices Of Bags Of Rice In Nigeria

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Base on the recent closure of Nigeria Borders by the administration of president Buhari muhammadu, the price of foriengn price found in the country has skyrocketed into somewhat unbearable.

Rice which is popular food many can’t do with in Nigeria and even in the world wide owing to the fact that rice can be easily prepared. Biologically rice belong of the family of cereal crops and it’s the famous member of the family, rice is harvested as a seed of the grass species scientifically known as oryza sativa.In Nigeria many believe and prefer rice as a must serve food in ceremonies such as marriage,burial, naming and birthday celebrations.

Rice can be prepared and served neither as a Jollof rice, Coconut rice, Fried rice, Banga rice and white rice- which requires you to prepare a very delicious stew which will give it a great taste whenever you are eating.

However, these rice comes in different sizes packages ranging from 5kg to 50k which are sold for different prices and are dependent on the brand, color and quality of the produce.
Having discuss little about value and size of rice,let now discuss the lastest price of rice in Nigeria.

Lastest Price Of Rice
The price of rice in Nigeria has never been stable. It is always fluctuating, these fluctuation can be seasonal or can be as a result of exchange rates (at the time Nigeria was still a major importer of rice). For example in 2017 50kg of rice was sold for about #30,000 naira(Thirty Thousand Naira) which later drop to #16,000(Sixteen Thousand Naira) you can see the variation!

However, the quest of the present government administration to promote locally made product by placing embargo on importation of foreign rice. Has resulted in the readily and evenly availability of locally rice throughout the country.
Despite the availability of locally made rice in the country at low price not everybody likes to eat locally made rice, people still crave for foriengn rice.

Below are list of foreign rice which somehow are still available in Nigeria market:

Mama Gold rice produces in Thailand which has dominanted Nigeria market is a popular brand of rice in the country. Many people prefer Mama gold rice because it is doesn’t require much time to be cooked and it also contains low starch percent which make it healthy to human body. Mama gold rice comes in different sizes and prices accordingly. This rice is available in several markets across the country, including the popular Daleko market in Lagos.

Mama gold rice price according to package size;
Mama Gold 50kg Rice – N26,000 to N28,000 (depending on the market).

Mama Gold 25kg Rice – N13,500 to N14,500 (depending on the market)

Mama Gold 10kg Rice – N4,500 to N5,000 (depending on the market).

Royal stallion rice is a well sought-after rice brand due to the quality and neatness of it’s grains. Marketed by stallion group of companies, these company also have good reputation in marketing of other products such as automobile and household items. Royal stallion rice dominate country such as Thailand, Vietnam, India, Brazil and the United States of America.
Price of Royal stallion rice accord to packages size
Royal Stallion 50kg Rice – N26,500 to N27,500 (depending on the market)

Royal Stallion 25kg Rice – N13,000 to N14,000 (depending on the market)

Royal Stallion 10kg Rice – N4,000 to N4,500 (depending on the market).


Rice Master rice, these rice really concur to it’s brand name because it’s great taste and unique grain color. These rice really dominated nigeria market for some time. Master rice is readily available in nigeria market for affordable price not until embargo was placed on importation of foriengn rice.

Price of master price according to packages size
Rice Master 50kg Rice = N26,000 — N27,000
Rice Master 25kg Rice = N13,000 — N13,500


Caprice rice is arguably the cheapest rice in the country. Despite its low cost, its quality is on the increase while its delicious taste continues to wow Nigerians.

In fact, Caprice rice is one of the most sought-after brands in many states of the federation.
Caprice price according to packages size
Caprice 50kg Rice = N25,000 — N27,000

Caprice 25kg Rice = N12,500 — N13,000.

Falcon rice is produces in the United States, comes in various grain size- medium, long and whole grain rice. Although the rice is not a commonly eaten specie but is growing in popularity, especially among Nigerians who have spent some time in the United States of America
Unlike other rice product falcon rice only comes in 25kg package size.
Price (25kg) – N13,000 to N14,000.

Basmati Rice isn’t that popular but it fast gaining attention from many people who believe the rice is good for fat people because the rice contains low sugar content. It also have wonderful taste and attractive look. It has just one size pack which is the 5kg.

It is mainly seen in Super markets, however, handful of its pack could be found in local markets in some part of the country. It is sold at the rate of N 5,500 or N6,200

Tomato city rice is certified by the nafeda agency of federal republic of nigeria, the rice has a unique brown color which make more attractive if prepared as a jollof rice.
Price of tomato city rice 50kg# 17,000.

Ofada rice is locally-made product, Ofada Rice is produced and packaged in Ogun state — Southwest region of the country. Similar to Ofada rice can be found in some rice producing state in the north (kebbi state) and the southeast(ebonyi state)and in some other states.

Ofada rice which is named after Ofada town in Ogun state, is an affordable brand of rice which give an average Nigerian the opportunity to eat rice anytime he/she feels like.
Ofada rice is the most common rice average people living in the country[url][/url] eat. though, the elites also find pleasure in consuming Ofada rice in restaurants and fast-food joints.
Price of ofada rice according to packages size
5kg size of Ofada rice is sold between N2,500 and N3,000.

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