Metro Youth Football Association

Metro Youth Football Association 1
Greetings Cedar Rapids Metro area parents! Keep your kids busy and active by signing up for flag, modified, and tackle football with Metro Youth Football Association. Open to boys and girls alike, we have a program for every season.

MYFA was founded in 1971 and has served the Cedar Rapids metro area for over 45 years. The organization is dedicated to youth sports and specifically to youth football. Each year MYFA brings together over 2,500 young people and hundreds of adult volunteers to participate in and learn about both flag and tackle football in a wholesome, safe, structured, and fun environment. MYFA considers competition healthy and instructive but de-emphasizes the importance of winning and instead promotes the importance of participation, sportsmanship, and teamwork. 

MYFA is governed by a board of directors made up of coaches and volunteers who represent the various school districts that participate in our spring & fall programs. This board is, in turn, overseen by an Executive Board that ensures both the financial and philosophical integrity of the organization.

We believe that youth participation in team sports is a vital component in the optimal development of all children, and a foundational element in building a stronger community. We are always looking for additional volunteers, partners, and resources that will allow us to expand our impact on youth and our community.

At this time MYFA offers flag and passing league programs each spring and tackle along with modified flag football each fall. We also offer various camps and host events on our fields each summer. It is our goal to collaborate with like minded organizations and individuals to create greater opportunities for area youth in order to help them maximize their potential both on and off the field.



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