Music games, Free music games 1

Music games, Free music games

Music games, Free music games 2


Music games, Free music games 2

2020-06-26 – music


Meme Dance

2020-05-26 – music


Calming Lia

2020-04-22 – music


Piano Tiles 2

2019-12-13 – music


Tap The Black Tile

2019-11-21 – music


Rocking Wheels

2019-02-15 – music


Music line 3

2018-12-13 – music


Perfect piano

2018-08-07 – music


Boogie bears

2018-04-17 – music

Santa Claus is back and he’s bringing Christmas melodies on metal version! Press the correct key in the just moment to get the most funny songs. You have some modes to choose. Dailygames wishes you a Merry Christmas! INSTRUCTIONS: Use the keyborad.

Metal Xmas Santa Rockstar 4

2017-05-25 – music

Play the instruments like in “Guitar Hero” and beat your opponent at rap rythm. INSTRUCTIONS: Use Z,X,C,V.

Words Are Weapons

2015-05-28 – music

The weekend’s here and you obviously feel like dancing, but before you need to practice a little with this fun game. Press the arrow keys in the order the screen tells you and move with Gangnam Style! You’ll smash it!

Gangnam Style Dance

2015-04-29 – music

Move your skeleton at the rhythm of the disco music with this great game that emulates the dancing machines. Follow the rhythm of the right arrow key when the keys pass by the circuit.

Dance Show

2015-04-29 – music

A game with the sounds from Peter, the protagonist of Family Guy. You’ll have so much fun! Use your mouse to pick the one you want to hear.

Family Guy Soundboard

2015-03-19 – music

Train your DJ skills and hit the tunes you like best. Use the keyboard, the discs and the menu, and tune the coolest music. Play with the mouse and keyboard.

Dj Sheepwolf Mixer 4

2014-06-16 – music

A great game where you can create your own electronic music style with a bunch of mixes. There are many options for you, so pick your favorite one. A short tutorial will show you how to play.

Dj Sheepwolf

2014-05-05 – music

If you like the music you’ll love this game. Play the piano keys and compose the music you fancy. You also can choose from the tracklist and listen. Just fantastic! Use your mouse.

Button Beats Piano Player

2014-01-29 – music

Play and be a DJ! Create your own electronic music, pick your favorite rhythms and do what you need to make it sound great. Use your keyboard and mouse to play, don’t forget to turn the volume up.

Dj Sheepwolf 2

2013-12-18 – music

Try to repeat the sounds and colours Simon plays. Pay attention because it will get harder and harder.


2013-09-26 – music

LEarn how to use your rhythm with this musical game. Follow the beat and hit all the notes. USe the space bar.

Gone Like The Cappers

2013-09-05 – music

Help this funny character dance around to the rhythm of different songs. Follow the beat and hit the arrows at the right moment. Use arrow keys.

Ollies Dance Experience

2013-08-07 – music

Learn how to play the piano with this game. Pick Mario’s, Kirby’s or Zelda’s melody and follow the steps. YOu can play with your mouse or your keyboard.

Virtual Keyboard

2013-08-05 – music

The vocalist of this rockband is crazy and is about to throw himself to the audience. Hit space bar and arrows to send him far away. You’ll see he’ll even lose his shoes.

Stage Diver

2013-05-08 – music

Catch the Harlem Shake bug and make this group of kids dance. Click when the boy in the cap is doing his fast dance and complete the bar at the top. Hold down the mouse to play.

Harlem Shake Fun

2013-04-30 – music

Make surgeries to the rhythm of music, but don’t make any mistake or you’ll kill the patient. Use space bar to skip dialogs and hit the button to the rhythm of the beat.

Rhythm Doctor

2013-02-04 – music

Memorize the order of the Shuffle dancers and try to mimick it with no mistakes. Click on the guys to play.

Shuffle Dance

2012-12-18 – music

Turn your keyboard into a violin and have fun playing classic and beautiful melodies. When the screen shows you a key keep it pressed until the bar is full. Also press space bar or enter if you need to skip dialogs.

Amusix Violin

2012-10-08 – music

The super guitar maniac is back! Be smart and press the keys you need on the right time. Use the keyboard.

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 4

2012-02-15 – music

Have fun playing the guitar to the sound of the symbols that appear on the screen. You have to be very quick to play the correct tune. Press the arrows on the keyboard in the direction in which they appear. Don’t let any note go by without playing it.

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 3

2012-01-16 – music

Show your skills with music and keyboard. Press the letter that fits the musical note and beat each level! Use your mouse.

Guitar Hero2

2012-01-12 – music

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