[MUST READ] Why You Must Not Fight People

[MUST READ] Why You Must Not Fight People

Human history is littered with acts of violence.


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[MUST READ] Why You Must Not Fight People

Human history is littered with acts of violence.

Why You Must Not Fight People

Since they first stood up and walked on two legs, people have been injuring and killing one another. While each conflict has its own call to arms, the rallying cries are always strikingly similar at the end of the day. Humans like to live in peace unless their lives or livelihoods are at jeopardy.

Continue reading to find out why you must not fight people!

1. Diseases

A lot of people ae walking corpse. They have diseases that they can’t treat. Fight them at your own peril. Once somebody dies after a punch, be ready to face the consequence.

2. Hunger

Hunger is everywhere! People are hungry and don’t have strength. Leave them to battle with their hunger first.

3. Malnutrition

As a result of the hunger in the land, malnutrition has taken over! Low IQ is caused by poor nutrition, which is characterized by zinc, iron, vitamin B, and protein deficits. This leads to subsequent antisocial behavior and aggression! These are people who are weak on the inside. You have no idea. They’re gone with a single push!

4. It is illegal

It hurts when people hit you. It even hurts when you hit them. You never know for sure what’s going to happen or if it’ll get out of hand. It’s illegal.

5. It’s unethical

Fighting is unethical and unjustifiable. When someone is angry, it may seem like a good idea, but what happens after the fight is never good. Fighting is intended to cause harm and injury to others.

The end!

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