Newsbin Pro Software 1

Newsbin Pro Software

Newsbin Pro Software 2


Newsbin Pro Software 2

When downloading RAR archives posted with PAR2 files, the AutoPAR feature will automatically download all the required files in the set, repair any damaged files, replace any missing files, and then extract the resulting target files from the RAR archive.

Usenet Search

Newsbin Pro Software 4

Our integrated Usenet Search service searches over 2200 days worth of the binary newsgroups and returns a list of matching subjects. This optional feature has service tiers ranging in price from $2.50 to $5.00 per month. Details available here.

Thumbnail View

Newsbin Pro Software 5

When downloading images from Usenet newsgroups, they are displayed in the Thumbnails tab. Launch your favorite image viewer by double-clicking on the file from the Files tab.


Best news reader available! J.B., Loganville, GA – July 17, 2017



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