Osun PDP/APC At Loggerheads Over Alleged Attacks, Counter-Attacks On Each Other’s Members

Osun PDP/APC At Loggerheads Over Alleged Attacks, Counter-Attacks On Each Other’s Members

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Osun State chapters of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and that of the All Progressive Congress (APC) are now at loggerheads over accusations and counter-accusations on the plan of launching attacks on members of both political parties.

As the Peoples Democratic party alleged that PDP launched an attack on the campaign office of its senatorial candidate, the APC on its own part launched a counter-attack on PDP saying, the PDP leadership has procured an average of twenty guns per local government with a resolve to equally purchase a large quantity of petrol with which some of the property of the APC members and leaders would be burnt down by the PDP thugs.

The PDP called on the State Police Command and other security agencies to apprehend those responsible for the heinous act of destruction committed against the campaign office in a statement released by its director of media, Oladele Oluwabamiji. The PDP also issued a warning that, if left unchecked, such an ugly incident could plunge the state into an unthinkable crisis.

The statement went on to describe the attack on Olubiyi Fadeyi’s campaign office in Osun Central as extremely provocative, careless, and hazardous given the tumultuous security situation in the state.

He revealed that political thugs supporting the outgoing APC and its senatorial candidate for Osun Central Senatorial District, Mr. Ajibola Basiru in particular, attacked and vandalized the Osun Central Senatorial Campaign Office of its Candidate, Olubiyi Fadeyi (Ajagunla), which is located along the Okefia-Old Garage area of the State Capital.

“Properties worth several millions of naira were also destroyed at the campaign office, with cars, billboards, laptops and other office equipment substantially damaged during the attack,” the party claims.

The PDP urged the police to take all legal action necessary to apprehend the attackers as soon as possible because the party might not be able to keep its members under control in the wake of such a dangerous aberration, especially if the offenders are clearly identified in the state.

According to the statement, Mr. Olubiyi Fadeyi (Ajagunla), the PDP candidate for the Osun Central Senatorial seat in the general elections of 2023, is a peace-loving philanthropist who has never been faulted for his behavior as a private individual or as a candidate for the party. The PDP then questioned why the Apc chose to attack him.

The PDP pledged its candidate, Olubiyi Fadeyi, of unwavering support in his determination to bring the true value of representation to the doorsteps of the citizens of the Senatorial District while warning the outgoing APC of the danger inherent in the most recent turn of events as orchestrated by the doomed defeat of Senator Ajibola Basiru.

No amount of unwarranted attacks will stop our Candidates from working with the electorate to consign the APC and its doomed Candidates to the trash of history in the state as we go closer to the general election of 2023, the PDP promised.

However, the PDP emphasized the need for security agencies to stop the violent trend that the APC is reintroducing to the political system, just as it happened in the state’s most recent governorship election. The party warned that failure to do so will harm everyone.

However, the state chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC), in a statement of its own signed by the chairman, Prince Gboyega Famoodu, claimed that the opposition party has unveiled a grand and well-coordinated plan to cause widespread mayhem in the state, which could rock the state in particular and the country in general to their very foundations.

“Discreet intelligence report revealed that the Osun State chapter of the PDP, which is working in cahoots with an outcast tendency in the All Progressives Congress (APC) under the aegis of The Osun Progressives (TOP), have concluded a water-tight plan to attack some members and leaders of the ruling party with the resultant effects being avoidable loss of life and destruction of movable and immovable property of their targets,” the chairman claimed.

“The intelligence further showed that the PDP which has indicated its willingness not to partake in the October 15, 2022, local government council election in the state has clandestinely resolved to collaborate with the TOP in order to disrupt the election through violence, thereby making the state ungovernable by the sitting Governor Gboyega Oyetola.”

“It was also scooped from our reliable source that the sittings of the state governorship election tribunal in Osogbo which have begun in earnest have been slated for another period during which some members and leaders of the ruling APC, particularly our witnesses, would be attacked, run out of the town and subsequently prevented from being witnesses.”

Another time frame for the attack, according to the intelligence, is when the tribunal announces its decision, whether it favors the PDP or not. This will give the impression to the uninformed public that there is genuine animosity toward or a decline in the popularity of the ruling party, leading to an uprising against the APC leadership and the governor Oyetola administration.

We also have reliable information that the Pathfinder faction of the PDP and TOP have decided to use the conflict between Senator Adeleke and Prince Dotun Babayemi within the PDP as a means of upsetting the calm in the state.

He said: “It was reliably learned from the source of our intelligence that the PDP leadership in the state has procured an average of twenty guns per local government with a resolve to equally buy a large quantity of petrol with which some of the property of the APC members and leaders would be burned down by the PDP thugs.”

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