A Sequential Phonics Program

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​If you are interested in phonics materials to teach beginning reading or to help older students become better readers, you have come to the right place.  Scroll down to see the introductory information on this page or click on any of the menu items at the top of the page to visit the other pages on this site.

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I have taken the store pages off line for now.  I’m continuing to update all of the materials and also preparing updated teaching guides for the books at each level.  You may still download any of the PDF files that are on this site without charge to use with your students.


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General Information

​This is my second web site.  I have added this site so that you can hear audio files and watch videos of instructional techniques, in addition to the PDF files for the books and other materials.  

The materials on this site are designed to be used in a sequential fashion, from the readiness level through second grade and up.  Older readers may use the materials as a review or to provide thorough instruction in phonetic decoding and spelling to students who have not received it. 

Copyright Information​ – The Sound City Reading materials are copyrighted, but I give permission to parents, teachers, and tutors to download, save, and print them for their own students or children.  School wide use is permitted.  All other uses are prohibited.

A Brief Program Overview

  • This is a systematic, sequential phonics program.  It starts by teaching the alphabet, followed by short vowel words. Students then learn words with basic phonics patterns, followed by words with advanced phonics patterns.  Student are not expected to read text with phonics patterns that have not yet been taught.
  • The program uses multi-sensory teaching techniques.  Students see, hear, say, and write letters, letter patterns, and words. 
  • Phonemic awareness skills are taught.  Students listen for letter sounds at the beginning and end of words.  They learn to segment words (break them apart into separate sounds) and blend words (put the letter sounds together to pronounce the word).  
  • Alphabet letters and phonetic patterns are taught one at a time.  Students say the sound for each new letter or letter pattern from sound charts and flashcards daily, so that they will be able to remember and apply the patterns. 
  • Students spell words by segmenting them.  That is, they say the individual letter sounds, separately, as they write each letter or letter pattern in the word.  Students do not spell phonetic words by saying the letter names.    
  • Students spell words with a new letter pattern before they read words with that pattern.  As they spell new words, they listen carefully to the sounds and write them.  Carefully analyzing words in this way prepares students to read the words more easily afterwards. 
  • After spelling a new set of words, read new words with the same phonetic pattern.  There is a continuing emphasis on the meanings of new words. 
  • Sight words are taught as exceptions to the rules.  For example, students learn the sight word “been” after they have studied words with the ee/feet pattern.
  • After a series of new phonetic patterns has been taught, students read a short practice story that contains words with those patterns.  With very few exceptions, the stories contain words with phonics patterns and sight words that have already been taught.
  • As they continue to master new patterns, students will be able to read a few “easy reader” children’s picture books during the second half of the phonics patterns level.  At the advanced phonics patterns level, students will be able to read eighty-one popular children’s picture books, with reading levels from first grade through the fourth grade.  Recommended books are listed in the teaching materials when students are ready to read them.  The books have been carefully screened and sequenced so that, with very few exceptions, students who have studied all of the phonics patterns taught, up to that point, will be able to decode all of the phonetic words in the book.

Go to the menu heading OVERVIEW OF MATERIALS to see information about each level in the Sound City Reading program.

Clickhereto see a GRAPH and FLOWCHART showing all of the Sound City Reading books and the order in which they are taught. Picture

Lost Files?

The old web site is no longer online because its site building software was so old it had become unusable.  You can find the updated, newest versions of most of the materials on this .net site.  If you are looking for an older  phonics book or any other item from the previous Sound City Reading web site and you can’t find it, e-mail me at and I’ll do my best to find it and post it in this new site.  If you can tell me the title of the book you are looking for or the name of the PDF file that would be helpful.  

Under Construction


​This site is still under construction!!  I will be adding more materials as time permits.  Some information is incomplete.  Please continue to look for new updates. 



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