Special Education Software, Curriculum & Learning Tools 1

Special Education Software, Curriculum & Learning Tools

Special Education Software, Curriculum & Learning Tools 2

Why n2y?

Because we believe everyone can learn, and every student has the right to reach their full potential. We’re the first—and only—comprehensive solution serving at the epicenter of successful special education programs. For more than 20 years, it’s been our mission to work side-by-side with special educators, transforming not only the classroom—but also the lives—of teachers and administrators, paraprofessionals and families, and all the students we proudly serve.

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  • Special education software
    Achieve Compliance

    Empower the entire IEP stakeholder team with automated, daily data to streamline reporting, maintain compliance and inform decisions.

  • Curriculum for students with special needs
    Improve Teacher Satisfaction and Student Outcomes

    Invigorate teachers with daily lessons already matched to students’ diverse abilities to meet mandated state standards, give their students access to the same curriculum as their peers—and produce measurable results.

  • Education technology for special education teachers
    Enhance Parent Communication and Collaboration

    Build positive family relationships and involvement through transparent school‑to‑home communication, resulting in improved student outcomes and minimized due process.

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    Lesson Activity Data for All Students

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    A Vocabulary-Rich Teaching Environment

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    Engage Students in Multiple Environments

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    Tools to Kickstart the School Year

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A total solution for your students

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Our complete special education solution prepares students for the ultimate test: succeeding in life. Empower learning and enrich lives with our standards-based academic content, weekly differentiated newspaper, symbol communication tools, skill-based learning activities, self-regulation solution and professional development.

I truly believe it is our job as a school to provide the appropriate education for all students. Unique Learning System does allow teachers to provide lessons matched to their ability levels.

Adam Dudziak


Memorial Middle School, OH

I use Unique Learning System every day in my classroom! It’s a huge motivator for my students to have fun while learning.

Katie Braun

Intervention Specialist

Memorial Middle School, OH

I like it because it’s made him try things he would never try at home. And it’s really made him more self-confident and more of an individual.

Andrea and Jacob Cowie

Parent and Student

Memorial Middle School, OH

That moment is what sold me. Because at that point, I knew that the curriculum worked; that they were actually learning and retaining this information.

Emily Young

n2y Certified Educator

Breaux Bridge Elementary School, LA

To sit down at the table and to pull out a Unique story or News-2-You and to hear him read it, and actually break down a problem is awesome! Sometimes I have to push back the chair from the table and say, ‘Wow, we definitely came a long way. We definitely came a long way.’

Tudy Mouton


Crowley High School, LA

Who can use a license?

A license is to be used by one teacher, therapist, or parent.

The materials on this website are made available to individuals for use in classroom or individual instruction. For these purposes only, materials can be downloaded, printed and/or copied by the individual for all of their students or clients. Use by more than one individual will require a license for each person.

We do monitor the number of “hits” associated with each subscription, and excessive use can result in an account suspension.



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