The 20 Best Nigerian Movies On Netflix 1

The 20 Best Nigerian Movies On Netflix

The 20 Best Nigerian Movies On Netflix 2

In recent times, we’ve witnessed a rise in the number of Nigerian Movies on Netflix. Although there’s been a budding relationship between the movie streaming giant and the Nigerian film Industry which dates several years back.

In 2014, popular Nollywood film producer and director, Kunle Afolayan licensed his film titled October 1st to Netflix. Similarly, Netflix purchased the license of Biyi Bandele’s Film titled “Fifty”.

However, 2018 was the breakthrough year for Nollywood films on Netflix as Lionheart, A film by Veteran Actress and producer, Genevieve Nnaji became the first Netflix Original Film from Nigeria.

Fast track to 2019, a good number of Nollywood films especially those which had done the numbers at the box office were licensed to Netflix.

In February 2020, Netflix Nigeria was launched. This Nollywood-Netflix romance is growing stronger as they have not only opened a Twitter account specifically for Nigerian content(@NetflixNaija) but they are also constantly purchasing and uploading the movies on their platform. Currently, a Netflix Nigeria original series is in the works. Read more about it on PulseLive

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There are over 35 Nigerian movies on Netflix. I have watched most of them all. Don’t be surprised, I am a big Nollywood Movie Junkie, plus I’m a Scriptwriter and Film Producer and I believe the more movies you watch, the better your craft becomes.

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The Best Nigerian Movies on Netflix

From political thrillers to romantic comedies and dramas, the Nigerian movies on Netflix are packed with content to keep you entertained all day. New releases such as Skin have recently landed on the platform for you to peruse.

With the increased number of Nollywood films on Netflix, it might be hard for you to select the best ones to watch. We have compiled the best Nigerian movies on Netflix for you.

20 Nigerian Movies On Netflix That Are a Must-Watch.


Isoken is a romantic comedy about the struggles of being single and successful in your 30’s. It explores cultural expectations and the unique bond in Nigerian families in a dramatic and comedic way.

In the movie, two men are after the main character, Isoken’s heart. The first, Osaze, is charming and perfect, but their interests don’t align. The second, Kevin, is also charming, loves her just the way she is, but there’s only one problem, he is not a Nigerian. Isoken is such a beautiful movie, it’s no surprise it made it to our list of top Nigerian movies on Netflix.

Elevator Baby

Elevator Baby follows the story of Dare, a privileged young man with a fiery temper, who gets stuck in an elevator with a semi-literate pregnant woman. As she goes into labour in the lift, Dare is left with no choice but to try and save both mother and child.

The movie’s storyline is the simplest thing yet it’s very captivating at the same time. You’d notice the nightlife culture in Nigeria and how things change as soon as you no longer have money.


Lionheart, a Genevieve Nnaji movie crossed off several firsts in the Nigerian film industry. It was the first Netflix’s original Nollywood movie, the first Nollywood movie to be nominated for an Academy Award and the first film directed by veteran actress, Genevieve Nnaji.

The film is a love letter to Eastern Nigerian and features mostly Igbo actors. It revolves around a woman on a mission to prove her capability in handling her father’s bus company despite having a proven track record . Lionheart captures common patriarchial issues in Igbo households, where a woman is given the best education but is not trusted to handle the family business.

King of Boys
Kemi Adetiba’s King of Boys is a more aggressive feminist story to Isoken and Lionheart. Inspired by the Godfather trilogy, the movie follows the story of Eniola Salami, a philanthropic woman who wants to conquer the patriarchal sphere of Nigerian politics. This is one of the best Nigerian movies on Netflix.

Living in Bondage: Breaking Free
Living In Bondage: Breaking Free is the perfect sequel to the 90s blockbuster of the same name. Twenty-five years after, the movie comes back bigger and more flamboyant. The movie tells the story of Nnamdi, Andy Okeke’s mysterious son, who treads the terrifying dark path of his father.


Beverly Naya’s documentary Skin features interviews with Nigerians to explore skin bleaching and colourism issues in Nigeria. The movie gives personal accounts of individuals who have dealt with the pressure to conform to certain standards of beauty.

93 days
93 Days chronicles the events surrounding the importation and defeat of the Ebola virus. It pays tribute to Dr Stella Adadevoh and other medical practitioners who lost their lives saving Nigeria.

4th Republic

4th Republic, a Nollywood political thriller, is expository of the Nigerian political system. The movie follows the story of a governorship aspirant, Mabel King, in the aftermath of a violent and fraudulent election that results in the death of her campaign manager.

The Delivery Boy
The Delivery Boy is the first Nollywood movie inspired by the Boko Haram insurgency on Netflix.
The movie, which bagged 12 nominations at the 2019 Africa Movie Academy Award (AMAA), follows the story of Amir, a young orphan raised by an extremist group, and a sex worker. They both search for their identities, their stolen pasts, and any semblance of peace they can find.

Mokalik (Mechanic)

Set in an automobile repair workshop, the movie tells the story of an 11-year-old boy named Ponmile who spends his days as a lowly apprentice at the workshop to gain a different perspective on life.

Mokalik, a stylised version of ‘Mechanic’ shows the pecularities and lifestyle of Nigerian mechanic workers.

Love Is War
It’s always an experience watching Omoni Oboli films. Love Is War is the story of a happy couple who both decided to run for the position of governor of Ondo state. The wife – Mrs Phillips has political experience and is recommended for the position, but her opponents, in an effort to sabotage her, nominate her husband to run against her. What starts off as a controlled plan between two married people turns into a war.
The movie gives insight into Nigerian political norms and rules, the political nomination process and many others.

The Royal Hibiscus Hotel
The movie tells the story of a struggling chef, Ope who returns to the Royal Hibiscus Hotel owned by her parents in Lagos after quitting her job in London. The story is padded with comedic moments from the stubborn hotel staff and Ope’s busybody parents.

UpNorth follows the story of a rebellious heir who is sent to Northern Nigeria for his one-year compulsory national service (NYSC).
Shot in Bauchi, the movie explores the sheer beauty of the North—its culture and landscapes.

If you want to know what a group of Lagos boys do to escape ‘kasala’, this movie is an excellent start.
In Kasala, four young men crashed a borrowed car, and they must find a solution within 5 hours by exploring every avenue known to them. The best thing about this film is the progression of the storytelling and skilful melodramatic acting. It is gritty, authentic, and raw, just like Lagos.

The SetUp

The 20 Best Nigerian Movies On Netflix 4

The Set-Up is one of the best crime thrillers to come out of Nigeria. The storyline of the film is a young woman who substitutes her childhood innocence to become a drug dealer in order for her to survive and save her best friend from being sold into sex slavery.

Chief Daddy
Chief Daddy shows how death has a special way of bringing people together. The movie highlights the relationship between a long lost son, his half-sisters, and the father’s greedy mistresses.

Your Excellency

Your Excellency is currently one of the top Nigerian movies on Netflix. It was really last week and since then, has garnered a lot of good reviews. It features stars like Funke Akindele-Bello, Shaffy Bello, Akin Lewis, etc.


The Nollywood Film Hakkunde depicts the journey of a young graduate and his struggles with both society and himself. Hakkunde was written by Tomi Adeshina & Oluyemi Asurf who doubled as the director. The film starred actors like Toyin Abraham.

Nigerian Movies on Netflix

Other notable mentions of top Nigerian movies on netflix are;

The 20 Best Nigerian Movies On Netflix 5

Potato Potatoh

New Money


Road To Yesterday

In My Country


The Ceo

Wedding Party

Taxi Driver

Bling lagosians

Sugar Rush

The Survival of Jelili

This post will be updated as more Nigerian movies on netflix are released.

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This post was written by Gift Collins & Rachel Ebuh.


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