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Let's Play Music 2Let's Play Music 3Music education that’s in tune with children
In the Let’s Play Music programs, we know that children learn most effectively throughplay! Peek in any of our classes and you’ll see jumping, singing, skipping, storytelling, and laughing! We understand that a child has to be physically involved in the learning process, so we use the eyes, ears, hands, andfull body movementto learn concepts usually taught on paper. We also know that children enjoy learning in apeer group setting. The synergy of a Let’s Play Music class naturally encourages children to participate and to excel. Your child will learn advanced concepts and skills using age-appropriate methods!LEARN MORE Let's Play Music 4

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Our Connections products extend the enjoyment of the Let’s Play Music programs outside our classrooms. Products for teaching our graduates, for preschools, home school, for private piano lessons, etc. are available to build the complete musician.

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Play Music at Home:

Want to learn at home? We have created some fun videos for you to learn from and enjoy together! “Making Musicians at Home” is a great way to learn music and get an idea of what happens in our classes! We hope you love watching your musician develop before your eyes!





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