PLEASE HELP! “Masturbation Is Killing Me!!” – Gkingmusikian Cries Out

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This all started right from my primary school days when l was barely 10yrs Old.

Am now through with my university and l am still battling with this addiction.

The minimum time l masturbate in a day is four times.

A times six or seven. l look so lean and weak, am always tired due to this habit, l find it hard to relate with girls despite being an extrovert.

I Am a porn addict. Most times l try to stop this habit by deleting all the porn in my phone but l keep going back, the force is just too strong. l can barely keep an erection when having sex with a woman, barely 25yrs old.

l most a times take Viagra when meeting a girl.

l need help Gkingmusik, this thing is killing me.

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